Ezra Miller turns 30 – Meet the main films of the troubled actor

Today, September 30th, the young American actor Ezra Miller turns 30 years old. Launched to fame at the beginning of the last decade, Miller was soon climbing his career ladder, performing significant work. Critics’ praise for his performances and unique screen presence earned him the prestige he needed to embark on some of today’s biggest franchises – such as the Harry Potter spinoff, fantastic beastsand mainly become the fast hero The Flash in films from the DC Cinematic Universe; both franchises within Warner, where Miller became a “golden boy”.

For as long as the world has been, scholars have researched the effects of unbridled fame on a celebrity, on the people around him and on society in general. It is indisputable that today we live in a world where being a celebrity, even an instant one (without having done much for it), is desired by anyone who has a cell phone within their reach, and lives and breathes on social networks. Being a celebrity has become a profession: selling ideas and a lifestyle. Content is another story. But you have to be responsible, after all, everything comes with a cost. Throughout history, several stars from the biggest cinema mecca in the world, Hollywood, were completely “swallowed” by this fame – from Marilyn Monroe up until Britney Spears. And now we come to the case of Ezra Miller.

From an exotic figure and actor praised by experts, Ezra Miller quickly became a troublesome personality. When the eccentricity of certain stars only affects their own lives, it can become even positive marketing, as is the case with Lady Gaga, for example. But when it starts to become toxic behavior and affect people around, that’s when the warning signal starts to go off. About to release the hero’s solo movie FlashMiller found himself at the center of several scandals, from assaults in bars and people on the street, even a woman (hanged by the actor), to accusations of keeping another woman in false imprisonment, disappearances and culminating in reports of a distorted view. and completely frightening world, in which the actor would theoretically see himself as the personification of Jesus Christ and would have created an altar for himself.

Leaving speculation and gossip aside, the fact is that Warner would be worried about such scandals when promoting The Flashscheduled for release in 2023. We sincerely hope that Ezra Miller solve all your questions and don’t throw away the golden opportunity that life has given you, and that many seek for years without success. We are hopeful and we don’t stop believing that everything will turn out well. Following this line, we decided to honor the actor by selecting some of his most relevant works for you to know a little more about his career. Check out.

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Ezra Miller had already participated in popular series such as Law & Order: Special Victims Units (2009), californication (2008) and Royal Pains (2010), when he acted in this independent drama that would serve as a watershed in his career. Here was where the world truly got to know the actor. Or rather, a part of cinephiles, since this is a small film that had greater appeal on the festival circuit and even today, 11 years after its premiere, it is still unknown to a large part of the public – who should run to see it. . Created at the Cannes festival, the feature is directed by Lynne Ramsay and it’s a harrowing account of every mother’s nightmare: having a psychopathic child. The big Tilda Swinton plays Eve (in a biblical analogy), a woman desperate for motherhood. The troubled mother-son relationship culminates on the boy’s 16th birthday (already played by Miller), when he performs unspeakable acts of murder.

A year after the impact of the above movie, Ezra Miller entered a lighter project and aimed at teenagers. This does not mean that this work, directed by the author of the book on which it is based, Stephen Chbosky, don’t be immensely rich in your questions about the maturation of young people, dealing with very delicate issues – such as depression, suicide, mental illness, abuse and sexuality. The protagonist is the missing young man Logan Lerman, 15-year-old Charlie, who faces his best friend’s suicide while facing his own troubles. He ends up meeting and befriending a slightly older duo, Sam (Emma Watson) and Patrick (Ezra Miller). He ends up falling in love with the first and the three form an almost inseparable trio – that is, until they actually need to go their separate ways. Miller plays Patrick, an outgoing guy, coming out of his gay sexuality.

Shown at Sundance, this independent dramatic thriller did not reach Brazilian cinemas, being released directly to the video and streaming market in our country. At this point, Ezra Miller was already known for his, let’s say, unorthodox role choices – always opting for challenging and dark roles, which matched well with the impactful films he was in. Based on the book by Philip Zimbardo, which in turn reports real events that took place in 1971, the plot talks about an experiment at Stanford College, with psychology students. The proposal was to divide the students between guards and inmates of a fictional prison in order to study the power and control of one human being in relation to another. However, the simulation became so real and fervent that it spiraled out of control. This is a movie you need to find and watch.

The year 2016 would bring a new turning point in the career of Ezra Miller, further elevating their status. That’s because he became Warner’s golden boy, starring in two of its biggest franchises. We’ll start with the DC Universe on the big screen, where the actor was chosen among several other competitors to be the Flash hero on the big screen. Before getting his long-awaited solo movie, though, Miller would appear as the character in three blockbusters. In fact, 2016 only brought a taste of it before its first official appearance. In Batman vs. Super man the concept of the studio’s greatest heroes was introduced, and Miller was glimpsed on a security camera as the fastest man in the world. He would reprise the participation in the style winked lost in Suicide squad In the same year.

After the huge success and worldwide phenomenon that the Harry Potter franchise became, Warner wanted to continue the wizarding universe created by the author. J.K. Rowling, and for that he used a book about the catalog of animals and mystical creatures found in this magical world. This catalog was turned into the movie fantastic beaststhe first Harry Potter spinoff that would go on to become a movie series as well. Ezra Miller starred in the first film as Credence, a supporting character much like the types of roles the actor was known for. In other words, he is an introverted subject, theoretically abused by his ultra-religious and authoritarian mother, but who turns out to be the real executioner and a psychopath with very strong supernatural powers, which need to be stopped. Miller would return as Credence in the film’s two sequels.

Now yes, the official debut of Ezra Miller like the Flash in a DC/Warner movie. Interestingly, this is the character that most deviates from the style associated with the actor. This is, in part, since your Barry Allen is also a somewhat weird and lonely guy, who says he has no friends and is kind of socially inadequate. Despite this, The Flash is also the film’s comic relief, a jokester character whose dynamics are all mounted on catchphrases, tirades and gags – not all of them work, but they served to set the tone of what to expect in his solo film. This persona would be repeated in the director’s cut. Zack Snyder for the same movie, finally released in 2021. Miller would still reprise his Flash in TV series like arrow (in 2020) and in Peacemaker this year.

The most recent work by Ezra Miller before getting into trouble in his personal life was this thriller with touches of satire and social criticism, which has not yet arrived in Brazil. This is one of those films that are being produced a lot these days, trying to piggyback on relevant and in force social agendas, but instead of creating a good story and a convincing movie to follow, they end up just serving to raise a flag without content. Here the topic is feminism, and the struggle of a group of radical women to banish abuse against them through violence. Vanessa Hudgens, Alexandra Shipp and Kiersey Clemons are three members of this secret group, which acts under the covers as vigilantes to root out white supremacists. Miller lives precisely the macho leader of villains. Interestingly, the film repeats Miller’s double with actress Clemons, in the DC universe, the couple formed by Flash and his girlfriend Iris Allen.

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