Genshin Impact raised almost BRL 20 billion on mobile devices

China, Japan and the United States appear as the main MMORPG markets

One of the most successful MMORPGs of recent years, Genshin Impact has raised over $3.7 billion on mobile devices in the last two years. The value, which corresponds to about R$ 19.9 billion at the current price, corresponds to the money coming from both the App Store and Google Play.

The data were presented by Sensor Tower this Friday (30) and show the success of the game on cell phones. The amount collected by Genshin Impact from computer players was not disclosed by the site, which specializes in analyzing mobile games.

In just two years, the game developed by miHoYo already occupies the third position in games that grossed the most in the last two years. The figure only considers player investment from 2020 onwards, and does not include spending on players from China at third-party Android stores.

The only games that managed to finish ahead of Genshin Impact are Honor of Kings and PUBG Mobile. The bonds raised $5.5 billion and $4.5 billion in just two years. In addition to them, Roblox and Candy Crush Saga are responsible for closing the list of the five games that raised the most in this period, with US$ 2.5 billion and US$ 2.3 billion, respectively.

driven by China

Sensor Tower also debugged the quarters where the MMORPG was able to raise the most money from fans. According to the site, the third quarter of 2021 appears as the game’s peak revenue, with $616 million raised in the period. Meanwhile, the previous quarter was the worst, with “only” $324 million.

Despite not appearing in the Sensor Tower total count, China would have led player spending during these two years. The country ranked first, accounting for almost US$ 1.2 billion in revenue in this period. Meanwhile, Japan appears in second position, with 24% of the revenue, followed by the United States, with 17%.

“Developer miHoYo has taken lessons from its previous games, such as Honkai Impact 3rd, which has already surpassed $1 billion in global player spending, and applied them to massive success,” highlighted Sensor Tower.

Genshin Impact event at Pizza Hut store in China is closed by police

Genshin Impact event at Pizza Hut store in China is closed by police
The crowd was so intense that the police had to shut down the event.


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Source: Sensor Tower

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