Goiás vs Fortaleza live by Serie A: follow in real time – Play

O Strength returns to the field this Saturday (1st) to face the Goiás in direct confrontation by A series. The teams will face each other in the sawin goiâniaStarting at 7pm (from Brasilia).

Goiás vs Fortaleza | Follow in real time

game timeline

0-15m from the 1st T | Fortaleza started the match with a lineup full of news, such as strikers Romarinho and midfielder Otero. The first minutes were all about movement, with Otero creating danger in the 7th minute, in a long shot defended by Tadeu. Better on the field, Leão opened the scoring at 13. After a cross in the area, the defense cut badly and left with Lucas Sasha, who kicked hard in the corner: 0x1.

15-30m from the 1st T | Goiás sought to accelerate the game in search of a tie. With launches, he concentrated the plays on Pedro Raul, but he had difficulty breaking the tricolor lines. Fortaleza remained compact and, with the ball, sought to attack with counterattack infiltrations. At 25, Pedro Rocha crossed for Romarinho’s header, taking paint off the goalkeeper Tadeu’s crossbar.

30-45m from the 1st T | The game’s panorama continued, with Fortaleza slowing down, but putting the brakes on Goiás’ attacks. Centralized, Otero was responsible for the frame and participated well in the game. At 43, Pedro Raul turned against the marking and kicked hard for Fernando Miguel’s defense. The answer and last dangerous move was at 44, with Romarinho stealing the ball and finishing it out.


0-15m from the 2nd T | On the return of the break, Goiás moved and became more offensive. At 12, after a corner, Halter headed hard into the angle to save Fernando Miguel. Fortaleza had trouble managing the ball and created two moves. At 4, Otero kicked and stopped on Tadeu. At 6, Pedro Rocha received in the penalty area and scored, but was offside.

15-30m from the 2nd T | Goiás followed more aggressively, betting on the aerial ball. Vojvoda then activated Thiago Galhardo and Moisés, renewing the offensive system. At 19, Romero scored and finished strong for a new defense by Tadeu. In the sequence, Robson also entered. The duel became more balanced.


  • Goiás | Thaddeus; Maguinho, Lucas Halter, Reynaldo and Sávio; Auremir (Pedro Junqueira), Matheus Sales (Luann Dias) and Marquinhos Gabriel (Renato Júnior); Dadá Belmonte (Nícolas), Pedro Raul and Diego. Technician: Jair Ventura.
  • Strength | Fernando Miguel; Tinga, Brítez, Titi and Juninho Capixaba; Caio Alexandre, Lucas Sasha and Otero; Pedro Rocha (Thiago Galhardo), Romarinho (Moisés) and Silvio Romero (Robson). Technician: Technician: Vojvoda.

Technical Sheet | Goiás vs Fortaleza

  • Competition: Serie A | 29th round.
  • Date and Time: October 1, Saturday, at 7 pm (Brasilia time).
  • Place: Serrinha Stadium, in Goiânia/GO.
  • Referee: Raphael Claus (Fifa).
  • Streaming: TV Verdes Mares, Premiere, Verdinha AM 810 and Diário do Nordeste.
  • Yellow card: Auremir, Dadá Belmonte and Sávio (Goiás); Tinga (Fortress).
  • Goal: Lucas Sasha, at 13′ 1T (0x1).

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