Google decides to delete all published content from the Stadia YouTube channel

Google decided to delete all content published in video on the official channel of the Stadia service on Youtube. The move comes after the company announced the end of the cloud gaming option, which may also have ended its partnership with Metal Gear franchise creator Hideo Kojima.

Even with the service catalog being fed until this same month of September, the creator chose to close it. Now, she also came to clean up the channel on the platform on Youtube. Until the last day 29, the page had 570 videos published about it.

These productions, in all, totaled about 87 million views. In addition, the channel is still on the air and has about 270,000 subscribers. Even so, the communities tab has some content, such as publications from January 2022. The last publication on Youtube happened last Tuesday (27).

Another curious detail is that discoveries related to the application code showed the possibility of implementing the Party Stream feature. In other words, it is when a user decides to broadcast the title they are playing and decides to share a link so that other people can watch their gameplay.

In any case, despite the removal of the content published on Youtube, the service’s official Instagram account still has all its posts up until the time of publication of this article. However, the frequency of publication in the publication on the target platform has reduced considerably.

With the end of Stadia, Google intends to return the value to developers who made investments regarding the service until the end of January 2023.

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