How oil companies omit data on potentially carcinogenic emissions

  • Esme Stallard, Owen Pinnell and Jess Kelly
  • BBC News

Ali Hussein Julood, 19, stands in front of the gas flare in Rumaila

Credit, Hussein Faleh/BBC News

photo caption,

Ali Hussein Julood, a childhood leukemia survivor from Rumaila, Iraq, in front of the burning gas flames near his home

Major oil companies are not declaring a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions, a BBC News investigation has revealed.

The BBC discovered millions of tonnes of undeclared emissions from flaring gas in oil fields where BP, Eni, ExxonMobil, Chevron and Shell operate.

The burning of natural gas, known as flaringis the “wasteful” burning of excess gas released during oil production.

The companies said their reporting method was standard industry practice.

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