How to make the American pancake fluffy and round

Did you know that our pancake is different from the American one? If here the thickness is thin so that the filling stands out, there the dough is the star — the higher and fluffier, the better.

Another difference is that it goes to the table for breakfast, not lunch, and it has a sweet touch. In this season of “Vai Ter Churras” dedicated to street foods, the recipe enters the scene to replicate an iconic dish from Harlem, New York.

Presenter Bruno Salomão says that musicians arrived at restaurants at dawn and wanted to eat a mixture of dinner and breakfast. Thus, unintentionally, they gave rise to the unusual combination of waffle and chicken.

The pancake steps

Have on hand: bowl, sieve, fouet, non-stick frying pan and ice cream scoop. Start by mixing the sifted dry ingredients in the bowl.

They are: wheat flour, salt, sugar, chemical yeast and sodium bicarbonate, which is essential to make the dough fluffy.

Then, just add the liquids – eggs, oil, milk and vanilla – and wait for the mixture to rest for fifteen minutes.

Will Have Barbecues |  Pancake and fried chicken - Mariana Pekin/UOL - Mariana Pekin/UOL

Ice cream spoon

Image: Mariana Pekin/UOL

Will Have Barbecues |  Fried chicken and American pancake - Mariana Pekin/UOL - Mariana Pekin/UOL

… format help

Image: Mariana Pekin/UOL

With the skillet preheated for three minutes, smear the surface lightly with oil. Bruno’s tip to ensure the round shape is to use the ice cream scoop – check out the movement in the video.

Bake for three minutes on each side until high and golden. Serve it hot”.

Click on the image below for the written recipe:

Meat Science
Which cut of chicken to choose

All good food starts with the choice of ingredients. At the butcher’s, prefer the thigh, cut with fat that wastes moisture, and remember to ask to remove the bone.

“The bone makes the fibers of the meat that is closer more tensioned and delays the rise in temperature. When choosing the deboned version, the cooking time is reduced by half”, says Bruno in the “Science of Meat”.

golden tip
How to make the chicken crispy

After seasoning the drumstick with beer, turmeric, bay leaf powder, salt, sugar and complete seasoning (learn here) for four hours, Bruno makes a breading mix that goes beyond wheat flour.

The tip is to add cornstarch to ensure texture and baking soda to add color. Salt, hot paprika and black pepper give the order an extra touch of flavor.

See the detailed measurements by clicking on the image below:

Stay tuned!

Will Have Barbecues |  Pancake and fried chicken - Mariana Pekin/UOL - Mariana Pekin/UOL
Image: Mariana Pekin/UOL

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