Martinelli enchants and wins the favor of Arsenal fans before classic with Tottenham

Gabriel Martinelli received a lot of morale from fans around the Emirates Stadium

This Saturday (1), from 8:30 am (Brasília time), Arsenal and tottenham make a North London Derby which will be chilling, including the leadership of the Premier League.

To stay at the top of the table, gunners rely heavily on Brazilian strikers Gabriel Jesus and Gabriel Martinelli. Despite Jesus being Arsenal’s top scorer in the Premier, Martinelli is also in high spirits with the crowd.

even called “New Messi” shirt 11 was. In an exclusive interview for ESPNCarl Fearn, one of the founders of gay goonersthe biggest LGBTQ+ supporter of a club in the world, did not mince words when praising Arsenal’s Brazilians.

“Gabriel Jesus is an exceptional player, I didn’t know he was so young. He’s only 25, it’s the perfect age! And the connection he has with other Brazilians on the team is very natural, like with Martinelli, who is exceptional . He (Martinelli) will be the new Messi. I get really excited to see you play“, analyzed.

On the outskirts of the Emirates Stadium, where the classic will take place, other fans also followed Carl’s wave and Martinelli was even touted as the “future of the Brazilian team”.

“Martinelli is a spectacular player. The way he runs along the sides of the field, dribbles the opponents and finishes well… I think he is the future of Brazil’s attack“, Sean said.

In addition to Martinelli, the other two “Gabriéis” were also remembered.

“All the Gabis are brilliant. Jesus has been our goalscorer, but Martinelli is as important as in attack. He dribbles very well, is always running, creating and trying… he’s amazing,” said Ian.

“And on defense, Magalhães has made a brilliant duo with Saliba. I hope we can keep a clean sheet in the derby”, he concluded.

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