More problems with the iPhone 14 confirmed, according to Apple itself

After iOS 16 update, the iPhone 14 also started to receive some criticism, evaluated by Apple experts. Therefore, in an official statement, these complaints have been responded to, which were previously restricted to the ”Copy and Paste” function and are now linked to other features.

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However, urgently, the responsible team is already preparing to release the fixes.

Issues reported by users

It seems that the evaluation of the new version of the iPhone has been facing some controversies, given the misconfiguration of certain features. Phone calls are bad and don’t seem to be connected properly, regardless of carrier. This heightened consumer dissatisfaction, who were eagerly awaiting improvements and smart design.

Why so many different bugs?

After the copy and paste function, other bugs appeared, such as CarPlay data migration. Apparently device pairing is also experiencing difficulties for no reason. These criticisms prompted a review by Apple, which issued a note apologizing, in addition to stating that it continues to work on remodeling the operating system.

Losing credibility amid uncertainty

Recognized for its quality, difficulties in meeting customer expectations due to operational errors negatively impact the company’s credibility. Unlike the other previous versions where the correction could be carried out quickly, this time there were numerous impasses at the same time. Thus, it is possible to wait if the corrective actions will have priority until the end of this year with iOS updates.

Despite Apple recommending that users force restart the iPhone if the device crashes, there is no guarantee that all activities and documents will be saved when returning to the home screen. In situations involving total product dysfunction, criteria such as warranty, local consumer code and even the reseller’s responsibility in this supply process must be evaluated.

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