Movie about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has a trailer released

This Thursday (28), the trailer for the movie Hot Take: The Depp/Heard Trial had its trailer released. The launch will be today (30/09) on Tubi streaming. With only two active days with the video uploaded on Youtube by the Tubi channel, a streaming platform in the United States, it already has more than 400 thousand views and several comments. The trailer can be accessed by clicking here.

When did the recordings start?

With the end of the process that lasted about two months, the announcement was made that the recordings had started and just a month after the start of production, the trailer was already public and the launch in an even shorter time.

From the scenes shown in the trailer, the focus will not be 100% inside the courtroom. Most of his scenes were in places such as homes and in various everyday situations in which professionals who acted in the process, or rather, their characters, had their opinion.

Judicial issue has become focus of attention

the troubled relationship between actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard turned into a legal dispute in the United States surrounded the whole world. Fans were keeping an eye on the situation and fan-created hashtags, calling for justice, emerged in order to defend each actor’s point of view as a kind of popular appeal.

These aspects will be addressed in the filming. In general, a lot of criticism has arisen due to the fact that, supposedly, there would be no need to do something like this having the end of the case so recently and in the fresh memory of those who followed. In addition to the rush to publish two days after the trailer.

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