Nicaragua accuses Netherlands of neocolonialism and cuts diplomatic relations

The decision was communicated to the Government of the Netherlands through a diplomatic note signed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Denis Moncada.

According to Managua, the Netherlands “has offended and continues to offend Nicaraguan families with threats and suspensions of works for the common good, such as hospitals for indigenous and Afro-descendant communities”.

“We repudiate and condemn the offenses and crimes of this colonialist and neocolonialist Europe against coveted and attacked countries like ours,” the ministry said in the diplomatic note, quoted by the Spanish agency EFE.

The decision had already been anticipated by the President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, on Thursday, when he reported on a meeting between Moncada and the ambassador of the Netherlands in Managua, Marie-Chrístine Pirenne.

Ortega recalled that the Netherlands suspended the construction of a hospital in the country in 2018, and accused the diplomat of “speaking to Nicaraguans as if Nicaragua were a Dutch colony”.

“Whoever comes here to disrespect our people, our homeland, should never appear in Nicaragua again, and we do not want relations with this interventionist government”, said Ortega.

The Government of the Netherlands suspended cooperation for the construction of the hospital due to “serious human rights violations committed by government officials and para-police groups” during anti-government demonstrations.

Nicaragua has been going through a political and social crisis since April 2018, which worsened after the controversial November 7 general elections.

In those elections, Ortega, 76, was re-elected for a fifth term, the fourth in a row and the second with his wife, Rosario Murillo, as vice president, with his main opponents in prison.

Ortega, in power for 15 years, has been accused by opponents of authoritarianism and electoral fraud.

Nicaragua was under Spanish rule from the 16th century until 1821, when it became an independent state.

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