Oral-B iO the new electric toothbrush with artificial intelligence capabilities

Oral-B brought to the market a new electric toothbrush that is the result of more than 6 years of studies by the brand. The announcement took place in June during the International Congress of Oral Health, the CIOSP. At the event, the manufacturer highlighted features such as the use of artificial intelligence and 3D mapping of the mouth.

The AI ​​feature is used in conjunction with the iO App, which was developed to make it possible to see the user’s mouth in a three-dimensional version. This is due to the fact that people brush their teeth automatically. That way, they forget to cover all areas, forgetting some important ones during cleaning.

Called AI Brushing Recognition, the feature guides the person to pass the brush in the right places. Thus, you can brush the entire area of ​​the mouth without leaving any region out. In addition, another detail that this product helps is in the pressure that is usually applied during brushing.

This can cause problems with the user’s gums and to prevent this, the brush comes with an intelligent pressure sensor. In practice, it serves to help apply the ideal force in each region of the mouth. The Oral-B iO comes with lights that turn red and change to green when optimal pressure is applied, preventing possible injury.

Finally, the brush comes with a round head, magnetic base for charging that charges the device in 3 hours and microvibrations that synchronize with the movement of oscillation and rotation to allow a smoother glide. The promise is a complete brushing experience within 2 minutes.

The model is a little different from the ones that were announced in January of this year. The current price of the product is R$ 2 thousand.

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