Rush and panic: nervous turkeys terrorize neighborhood and chase children and adults – News

A gang of turkeys is terrorizing a neighborhood in the town of Woburn, Massachusetts, in the United States. People are being attacked, harassed and even having difficulty getting in and out of their homes. Both children and adults have been victims of animals.

Meaghan Tolson is one of the residents who is terrified of the terror caused by the turkeys. Already accustomed to the presence of animals, she named the members of the gang.

“The most aggressive is Kevin. Even if you’re parked, Kevin will try to get in your car. You have to open the passenger side door and lure them in there, then take a clean break to the house,” Tolson told the CBS Boston.

According to the city’s residents, no one is getting away with the invasion of the animals in the neighborhood. “The other turkeys are three ladies, because their coloring is not different. They are Esther, Gladys and Patricia”, added the resident.

A Woburn resident, identified as McKenzie, said the turkeys are her neighbors as they live across the street from her house. According to her, the animals appear close to sunset time to terrorize the residents – she herself has suffered several attacks from the animals.

Some people are even getting trapped inside the car, unable to get to their own door without being attacked.

One of them is April Drolette. “There have been times when I’m stuck in my car and I can’t get out, and I have to call my family members. They usually bring an umbrella. It takes a team,” she said. She sometimes relies on the dog’s help to protect herself.

Other residents have also reported that children are afraid to even wait for the school bus, afraid that the turkeys will show up at any moment.

Despite the fear, people are getting used to the animals’ presence: “They kind of get a little affection from you. Like when I don’t see you for a few days, I’m like, Oh no, did someone run over Kevin?” Tolson.

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