The Critics Decided! Discover the 20 Best Movies of 2022 – So Far!

The year 2022 has reached its tenth month. From here on out we’ll only have three months to call our own until the year finally ends. I know, it’s crazy! Another year gone, the third since the pandemic hit the world. Thank God we are all treated, and Covid almost eradicated from our lives. The movie exhibition market, on the other hand, is still struggling to re-establish itself. 2022 helped in this fight with the release of some highly praised super productions, which have already become iconic in the popular imagination. In particular Top Gun: Maverick drew a veritable crowd into theaters, raising more than $1 billion in cash. Marvel also did its part by releasing a couple of blockbusters in theaters and we even had a few horror productions that helped to shake things up.

It is true that we still have 3 months to go before we close the year, but the critics of the world have already given their verdict on the films that we have seen arrive in these first 9 months, thus defining the best and worst we receive, whether on the big screen or in streaming. In this new double article here at CinePOP we bring you precisely a collection of the best-rated films by experts and the worst in their opinion, so that you don’t look too far when choosing a movie to watch. We now continue with the high point of 2022 – with the films you should watch at all costs. Check out.

Ps. For ratings, we only consider films rated by more than 50 critics, in order to form a more general opinion about the production.

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20 | Cha Cha Real Smooth – The Next Step

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One of the most exciting films of the year, this Sundance festival hit has a good chance of reaching the next Oscars, and is available on the Apple TV+ platform for subscribers. The story is about a boy half-lost in life, working as a teen party entertainer, who connects with an introverted girl and her beautiful mother.

The Critics Said: “A touching dramedy that isn’t afraid to show its feelings, and does so with pride, the film further affirms director, writer and protagonist Cooper Raiff as a talent for us to pay attention to.”

The return of star Nicolas Cage to the spotlight took place in this crazy and hallucinogenic comedy, in which the actor plays himself, when he is hired for the wedding of a rich man.

The Critics Said: “Smart, funny and highly creative, The Weight of Talent features Nicolas Cage at his peak in “crazy mode” – and he is matched by Pedro Pascal’s scene-stealing performance.”

Maika Monroe’s second minimalist horror film after the cult hit Chain of Evil, here she plays a woman who suspects her neighbor is watching her.

The Critics Said: “While the story lacks surprises, Watcher benefits from director Chloe Okuno’s chilling grip on the material – and Maika Monroe’s excellent work as a protagonist.”

Based on the shocking story of perseverance and overcoming, about a group of children and their coach who are trapped in an underground cave system in Thailand, needing to be rescued by a team of professionals.

The Critics Said: “Firmly driven by director Ron Howard, Thirteen Lives offers an incomplete but still electrifying dramatization of an incredible true story.”

Another movie with Colin Farrell in his great new phase on the list. Think of Artificial Intelligence (2001) if it were more focused on the drama of the family that welcomes and then loses one of its members, even though this is an artificial being.

The Critics Said: “Although its pretension sometimes exceeds the content, After Yang holds great rewards for those who venture into this sea of ​​​​long waves of very subtlety”.

Imagine a more serious, dark, raw and visceral version of Conan the Barbarian. This is more or less Robert Eggers’ proposal for his Viking epic.

The Critics Said: “A bloody revenge epic and breathtaking visual marvel, The Man in the North sees director Robert Eggers expanding its reach, without sacrificing any of his signature style.”

It is very good when we have on the list of the best productions that escape the Hollywood and US circuit – foreign productions that manage to penetrate the international market. Here we have a true $43 million Indian blockbuster.

The Critics Said: “Exaggeratedly intoxicating, RRR accelerates without stopping to make the 187-minute show count”.

In the same year that she became the new Catwoman of cinema, Zoë Kravitz stars in this blue-wigged cyberthriller for director Steven Soderbergh.

The Critics Said: “A 21st century-themed seclusion thriller, Kimi features director Steven Soderbergh in shape and ready to please audiences – thanks in no small part to a superb performance by Zoë Kravitz.”

Finnish horror about a young gymnast pressured by her stern mother. Everything changes when the girl finds a strange egg and decides to hatch it, resulting in terrifying events.

The Critics Said: “A message-film wrapped in hard-shell horror, Hatching perches between beauty and revulsion – establishing director Hanna Bergholm as a brilliant new talent.”

Horror that has been hugely successful, this is one of those movies that the less we know about before watching it, the better. What is worth saying is that it talks about a young woman arriving at the house she rented on Airbnb, and realizing that there was already a guy there.

The Critics Said: “Smart, dark and above all scary, Barbarian offers an electrifying, chilling and consistently unpredictable ride for horror fans.”

Known as ‘The Witch’ of 2022, this horror spoken in the Macedonian language is also set in a village of medieval times, where sinister forces lurk, and has the Swedish Noomi Rapace as the protagonist.

The Critics Said: “Although it may sound like too much ‘art cinema’ for some viewers, and perhaps for the film’s own good, You Won’t Be Alone puts some well-thought-out twists on familiar elements of the horror genre.”

When Adam Sandler decides to work on dramas, the result is almost always positive. Here, in a new partnership with Netflix, he plays a talent scout recruiting a European basketball player for the NBA.

The Critics Said: “The movie doesn’t have any fancy moves, but it doesn’t need them – Adam Sandler’s ‘everyman’ charm makes this an easy and fun game to watch.”

Dramatic comedy about a retired teacher and widow, who decides to venture into her senior years sexually, and for that she hires a young gigolo, unexpectedly developing a greater connection with him than expected. The film is highly praised by the leading duo, which includes veteran Emma Thompson.

The Critics Said: “Stories about sexual awakening are not few, but Good Luck, Leo Grande demonstrates that one can still tell one with freshness and a very funny look”.

In seventh position, the reinvention of the wheel. Or at least the Predator franchise. Getting back to basics, here’s a story set in the 1800s, about a tribe of indigenous Comanche hunters, coming across the most feared intergalactic hunter in cinema.

The Critics Said: “The rare case of action thriller that elevates adrenaline without skimping on character development, The Hunt is a prequel to The Predator done right.”

A group of best friends from the LGBTQI+ community gather at Fire Island Pines for their weekend of love and laughter, but a sudden turn of events could make this their last summer in gay paradise.

The Critics Said: “Brought to the screen by an incredibly talented cast, this lighthearted entertainment that is Fire Island proves that there are still innovative and creative ways to adapt Jane Austen.”

We’ve reached the top 5 of the best movies of 2022 so far, with this dramatic thriller that serves as a vehicle for Aubrey Plaza’s talent. In the film, the actress is Emily, a desperate and indebted young woman, who ends up appealing to the world of misdemeanor in a card-swiping scheme – opening the doors to the real underworld of crime for her.

The Critics Said: “A tense thriller that boasts a wealth of social commentary, Emily the Criminal is robbed by Aubrey Plaza’s impeccable performance in the title role.”

Big hit of the first half of 2022, this horror set in 1979, follows a film crew from a porn production, recording their latest work on a farm in rural USA. There, strange events will make them fight for their lives.

The Critics Said: “A refreshing change from the slasher formula, X is the brand where director Ti West returns to his horror roots with a lot of noise.”

We reached the top 3 of 2022, with a recently released film, but already embraced by critics and audiences. Viola Davis leads a group of black actresses in the telling of the history of the Kingdom of Dahomey, one of the most powerful states in Africa in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The Critics Said: “All hail Viola Davis! The King Woman is too much.”

With veteran Michelle Yeoh as the protagonist, the film mixes science fiction, drama and comedy for a story of many universes in one, highlighting Asian culture and the power of the female character.

The Critics Said: “From an outstanding Michelle Yeoh, the film lives up to its title with a deftly calibrated assault on our senses.”

There’s no way, the most talked about, most celebrated and most successful film, whether financially or critically, of the year is the second Top Gun, again headed by the great star of our times, Tom Cruise.

The Critics Said: “Top Gun Maverick achieves an even more impressive feat than an inverted dive with a jet fighter, delivering a long-awaited sequel that surpasses its predecessor in wildly entertaining style.”

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