The King Woman | Meet the new film with Viola Davis that is giving the talk

Inspired by real events, The King Woman is the new film produced by and starring Oscar winner Viola Davis, which has been drawing a lot of attention. Directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood, the film tells the story of a tribe of African women in the 1800s who fought neighboring tribes who wanted to dominate their lands and enslave them.

Shot in South Africa, the feature film is set in the Kingdom of Dahomey, which would be the country of Benin, and has a mostly black and female cast, which is not commonly seen in Hollywood.

On this point, in a press conference, that the Canaltech participated, Viola said that she knows the importance of the film for people of black skin and that there they will see their stories portrayed in some way. It is worth remembering that the location shown in the film was one of the main exporters of enslaved blacks to the Americas, especially to Brazil.

In addition to Viola Davis, who gives life to the protagonist General Nanisca, the cast includes other stars such as Lashana Lynch, Thuso Mbedeu, Masali Baduza and Lupita Nyong’o, who shone in We and now she will give life to Nawi, daughter of Nanisca. The script was written by Dana Stevens (Paternity).

The King Woman: film was produced after years of trying

Despite having an important and necessary plot, The King Woman it took six years to get off the ground. One of the reasons for this is the fact that the film does not have a very commercial appeal, that is, it is not a film commonly seen in Hollywood.

This fact, of course, can be explained by racism and misogyny. On this topic, the actress said that the film is powerful and changes the perspective of the viewer’s gaze: “We are always secondary, as women and as black people, so seeing myself on the poster as the protagonist of a story like this is the most powerful thing that could imagine.”

It is worth remembering that only on the first weekend of its opening in the United States, The King Woman raised US$19 million (approximately R$100 million), and the future looks promising.

Viola’s physical preparation to play Nanisca in A Mulher Rei

To bring such a strong and powerful warrior to life, Viola Davis had to prepare herself physically and mentally. For this, she did a lot of physical exercise such as weight lifting, martial arts and weight training for five hours a day. Therefore, the public can expect to see the actress quite strong and well prepared.

Viola Davis had to prepare herself physically and emotionally to give life to the protagonist Nanisca (Image: Reproduction / Sony Pictures)

Viola Davis had to prepare herself physically and emotionally to give life to the protagonist Nanisca (Image: Reproduction / Sony Pictures)

More movies with a black spotlight

Also during the press conference, the question arose whether The King Woman can open doors for more black productions. Julius Tennon, producer and husband of Viola Davis, said the film needs to make money, that is, be successful at the box office for that to happen. The actress, on the other hand, believes that this question should be answered by the public, as it is he who can make works like this successful or not.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the main site focused on movies and series, The King Woman received 94% positive reviews from critics and 99% from the general public; a spectacular result.

When does A Mulher Rei debut in Brazil?

The Brazilian public will not wait long to see The King Womanas the feature hits theaters in September 22nd.

Source: Canaltech

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