Trick! Learn to read messages deleted by friends on WhatsApp

Messages deleted in Whatsapp are cause for much curiosity. It’s no wonder that an application was developed to allow users to read them all! That’s right.

The mystery is over. Discover now the external tool that allows you to know everything that has been sent by your friends.

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It is good to remember that the resource is external to WhatsApp, since the application messaging doesn’t have this service that allows people to actually check what has been deleted by their contacts. To better understand how this feature works, the information is separated into topics.

Messages deleted on WhatsApp

In order to be able to read messages that have been deleted by third parties in your conversations in the app, some details need to be analyzed. Check them all out below to decide what to do next:

  • You must have a companion app to WhatsApp.
  • Its name is WARM and it is available on the Google Play Store.
  • The program is 100% free and does not charge for the number of messages retrieved.
  • Remember that you must grant WARM permissions to access your notifications.
  • If a friend has decided to delete a text for everyone on WhatsApp, the WARM app will act on its own. To be able to read the messages deleted by your friend, just type WARM.
  • There it will be possible to find exactly what that message said, even if it was a photo or video. Even an animated GIF or sticker. It doesn’t matter. It shows everything.

Despite all these precautions, the user You should always be careful when using external applications, after all, everything that is not made available by WhatsApp itself can be blocked by the official tool.

This means that using such apps can mean running the risk of being suspended and having your WhatsApp account compromised. Therefore, know that it is always important to rethink the use of resources alternatives.

All these guidelines are contained in the policy of rules defined by Meta. If you choose to download and install the application to read messages deleted by your friends, you should be fully aware that you are running some risk of having your messenger account heavily compromised.

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