Twitter makes CHANGE that will impact the history of the social network; see what has changed!

Currently, Twitter is one of the most popular social networks in the world. Although it is not as accessed as Facebook or WhatsApp, it stands out for its huge amount of content creators, memes and information. This week, the platform surprised users with an important – and long-awaited – update. So, what changes with the new Twitter change?

Among the most popular social networks in the world, Twitter is distinguished by not being managed by the company Meta (the company of Mark Zuckerberg, responsible for Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp). Twitter was created in 2006, and originally, its character limit per post was 140 characters. Over time, that limit rose to 280. See below for everything you need to know about what’s new on the platform.

Learn all about the change on Twitter. Image: publicity

How many users does Twitter have worldwide? It’s in Brazil?

Today, around 396 million people have Twitter accounts. The platform also has approximately 205 million active daily users. In Brazil, the social network has around 19.05 million subscribers. Twitter is most popular in the United States (76.9 million users), Japan (58.9 million) and India (23.6 million), according to data from Statista.

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Learn all about the new Twitter change

With a special post, the official Twitter profile has just confirmed the implementation of one of the most awaited features by users: the edit button. In other words, with the change, subscribers to the platform will be able to edit already published tweets. Twitter users have been asking for this tool to be included for many years. After all, when a tweet is posted with an error, it is necessary to delete it and produce a new post with the correction. With the new tool, this process will be much easier.

Twitter profile confirms edit button

Last Thursday (29), Twitter made history by publishing the first edited tweet on the social network. The post was made on the Twitter Blue page, which is dedicated to platform announcements and special tests. With the publication of the tweet, users were also able to check how the edited posts will look.

“Hey! This is a test to confirm that the edit button works. Let’s explain how it went.” In it, you can see a message with the words “last edited in” and the time of the update.

The message appears on bottom of the tweetalong with the number of likes, retweets, shares, and reactions for the post.

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Twitter change is now available for all users?

Although it has already been announced by representatives of the social network, the Twitter update is not yet available to all users. So far, the new function is undergoing tests. As the post was made by the Twitter Blue profile, everything indicates that the news will be made available with priority to paid users of the social network.. Be that as it may, the general rollout of the new feature does not yet have an official release date.

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