Want a successful business? Steve Jobs reveals secret in 3 words

In just three words, one of the world’s great entrepreneurs managed to summarize the reason for some brands, resulting in financial success. Steve Jobs managed to turn Apple into the biggest design reference linked to electronics. Before, the organization only manufactured computers, but by bringing together several technologies, they were able to create the smartphone.

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A path full of challenges

Since the 80s, the entrepreneur has shown his skills in a unique way and liked to be objective when advising his friends. As part of the era of hip entrepreneurs, who were less concerned with formality and more willing to propose solutions, it has become a phenomenon. Simply put, he always stated that the opinion of others only matters if it involves some improvement, otherwise it should be discarded.

Error is part of the process

In 1984 Steve Jobs gave an interview recorded by Inc, in which he detailed part of his considerations about the factors of entrepreneurship. In his words “things get more refined as you make mistakes”, he mentioned when referring to the inventions conquered. Therefore, the fear of making mistakes and hiding mistakes would be the two obstacles in the management of companies from different segments.

A message in three words

Steve Jobs’ advice to managers is: “make a lot of mistakes”. This means that the failures of a process represent a way to guarantee the evolution in an honest way. Face the challenges by interpreting reality, from data and recording each step, including the phases that went wrong. THE patience needs to be considered in any challenging proposal, using the least amount of resources to get the most results.

Flaws that are carefully reviewed drive continuous improvement, leading to life-changing inventions. O iPhone it took years to develop and even today its most current versions continue to depend on various errors until the best possible model is released.

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