What is the ideal percentage to recharge the cell phone

Few parts are more important in a cell phone than the battery, right? Without it, nothing works, so it’s important to be very careful with its lifespan. One of these precautions is knowing when is the exact time to put your cell phone to charge.

Maybe that’s your question, so take a look at the article below and see the ideal percentage to recharge your cell phone and stay connected with what’s important.

What is the ideal percentage to recharge the cell phone

There’s one thing you need to have as a main rule: always put your phone in when it’s between 30 and 50 percent battery! If you want to be precise, or if you’re a Virgo, 40% is the best point to carry, somewhere in between.

Even if you forget to put it to charge, one thing is super important: avoid letting your cell phone get below 20% battery. It turns out that lithium batteries – industry standard – wear out faster when they go below this stage, shortening their lifespan.

Oh! Another little thing to watch out for is when to stop charging! Between 80% and 100% the cell phone can perform all cell phone activities, ok?

Mobile above 80% is already able to perform all tasks (Image: Unsplash/Onur Binay)

I know, keeping an eye on all this can be difficult, but want an extra tip? Check it out: always try to charge your cell phone in the morning, while having coffee, or during work. That makes it much easier to be aware, right? Oh! And don’t let it charge all night, okay? Not good for the battery!

Share these tips with your friends and family! I’ll be right back with more amazing tips!

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