Why is there no longer a cell phone with a removable battery?

Cell phones, over time, change a lot internally, you know? Many changes are not even possible to notice, but one of them is very visible: the battery of modern models cannot be removed. Have you noticed this change before?

This can generate a question: “Lu, why is there no longer a cell phone with a removable battery?” Check out the article below and I’ll tell you everything!

Why is there no longer a cell phone with a removable battery?

Until the beginning of the last decade it was common for cell phones to allow the removal of the battery, but there are two main reasons for this change, you know? The first is the safety of the person and the device, but there is also a question of aesthetics involved!

You know, if removed irregularly, the energy generated by the battery can cause the device to overheat, damaging not only the battery, but other important parts! That’s why the manufacturers decided to prevent the removal of the battery.

Removable batteries were less secure and could damage the device (Image: Unsplash/Onur Binay)

It’s not just that, okay? Removable batteries needed an extra layer of security that wrapped around them. This caused them to increase in size and required a larger cell phone design. Now, with them fixed, there is no such need and the devices have adopted a thin standard. Cool huh?

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