Woman is forced in court to hand over intimate photo album to ex-husband

Lindsay Marsh

Lindsay Marsh

Photo: Facebook/Lindsay Marsh

In the midst of a divorce process, Lindsay Marsha woman from Utah, in the United States, was forced by the court to deliver an album with several edited nudes to her ex-husband, according to newspapers New York Post and KSL News.

The court decision established that Chris Marsh, to whom she was married for 25 years, was entitled to keep the messages Lindsay wrote to him on the album. But the woman was allowed to edit the photos to remove private parts before handing over the material.

“It’s rape and it’s incredibly embarrassing and humiliating. It’s sexy, loving things I wrote for my husband that I loved. He’s my ex-husband now,” Lindsay said of the decision, which baffled her.

As the woman told the newspapers, the album was the ex-husband’s only request in the divorce. “I appreciate the loving memories we’ve had all these years as part of normal and appropriate exchanges between a husband and wife… and I’ve tried to preserve that with the writing,” Chris Marsh explained about wanting the object.

He also said that some messages had previously been posted on the internet or hung in their home when they were married, suggesting they weren’t that “intimate”.

In the end, the photos were edited with black stripes on Lindsay’s body, but the written messages were kept in full and delivered to the man.

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