10 Things From The Sith Revenge That Redditors Are Still Upsetting

After D23 Star Wars ads turn into new footage for the live-action series Ahsoka and its connections to the animated series rebelsprequel movies have been at the forefront of fans’ minds – especially Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.

Given Ahsoka’s close connection to Anakin Clone Wars, many fans are curious to know how the creators will manage to bring the two projects together and if the new Disney+ series will manage to correct some inconsistencies in the plot. Redditors are certainly hoping the creators will fix some of the franchise’s glaring holes, particularly the ones that left a sour taste in their mouths – even 17 years later.

Anakin’s turn seems very willing

Anakin Skywalker preparing to attack in Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

Although everyone knew that Revenge of the Sith would end with Anakin’s descent into villainy, fans still believed it needed to feel like a journey worth watching. Unfortunately, the journey to Anakin’s turn has had several significant flaws that Redditors are unable to overcome.

To Redditor Oridol, they said, “Looks very willing. It felt like they took you down a much more complex road from Anakin than necessary just to come to a half-assed turning to the dark side.” While Anakin’s darkness was hinted at throughout the second movie (with the death of his mother), except in this case, the prequels didn’t show much of it. Hopefully, with Ahsokashe can provide some more examples or stories about your darkness.

The “Rank of Master” scene

An image of Anakin Skywalker talking to the council in Star Wars

One scene that some viewers couldn’t stand was Anakin’s argument with Mace Windu about wanting to be a Jedi Master – especially since it was missing some context around who recommended him for the job in the first place.

As Redditor points out, “In the loss of Palpatine context, it just didn’t make sense to me.” with another agreeing that this scene was not “very well done” and they could understand where the confusion came from. There is certainly some truth to the statement as the scene felt like they were mistreating him as he was the only Jedi this rule didn’t apply to and the audience really needs to read between the lines to fully understand his motives. Once again, it felt like they were trying to get to Anakin’s downfall too fast rather than expanding on that storyline, meaning it came at a cost that some fans can’t ignore.

The Performances

Obi-Wan Kenobi talks to Padme in Revenge of the Sith.

The prequel films delivered some of the most embarrassing parts of Star Warsmainly for the performances in the films that culminated Revenge of the Sith. BrewtalDoom believes: “The movie looks boring. The performances are boring [and] most of the time it just looks like one or two actors against a blue screen…”.

While the films had some talented actors such as Natalie Portman and Samuel L Jackson, unfortunately, Revenge of the Sith did not use them correctly, as they were relegated to secondary rather than main characters. Much to the chagrin of fans, many scenes of Obi-Wan and Padmé were also deleted, which was a shame as they would have improved the story even further (especially in Mustafar’s final scenes). Fortunately the Disney+ series, Obi wan Kenobidid its best to fix some of these issues and added a little more depth to Padmé and Obi-Wan’s friendship.

the CGI

Anakin marching through the temple in Revenge of the Sith

While some may believe this movie has some of the Star Wars’ best practical effects, other effects may not hold. While the quality of the CGI was consistently singled out as a weakness, one Redditor detailed his issue with the CGI, saying, “CGI is used a lot in the first 45 minutes – Act 3 has more practical effects, but yeah, it’s still too much.”

When CGI is used to the point where the film is no longer visually appealing to the audience, this becomes a problem. This is disheartening for fans when the franchise has, in the past, lured audiences in with the beautiful settings and lifeforms, as well as lightsaber weapons and blasters.

talk too much

Vader Commits to Palpatine in Revenge of the Sith

Adding an additional layer to the rigid dialogue the audience has to go through when viewing this film is the fact that it relies heavily on dialogue to get from point A to point B.

Best summarized by Ender_Skywalker They believe the film had “some of the driest scenes in the series… [but] without those scenes, you wouldn’t really have any setup for Anakin’s downfall.” At this point, the prequels spent hours talking about the political landscape and this movie doesn’t give any relief because it’s a major part of Anakin’s downfall. Instead of telling this story with an interesting mix of words and actions that show the audience the reality of Anakin, it is thoroughly explained in dialogue.

It’s anti-climatic

An image of Anakin and Obi Wan fighting in Revenge of the Sith

Anakin’s turn to the dark side creates tension across five films, and it ends in less than half an hour. While the prequels may have some of Jedi’s best performances, some feel the final battle squanders the weight of Anakin’s turn. As Chen_Geller writes, it’s a “disappointment that this entire grand Machiavellian drama boils down to a 20-minute lightsaber showdown between the characters.”

It all led up to this moment, and some viewers believe this fight is made worse because of the “overly choreographed” style. While the style isn’t new, considering Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon versus Darth Maul, this was everyone’s final fight. Star Wars took it, and fell to the ground when the stakes were higher.

The writing

Palpatine talks to Anakin in Revenge of the Sith

While the prequels in general gave a lot of quotes that are so bad they’re good, this film delivered the most lines in that category, causing one Redditor to view the writing as “below average in almost every way”. Writing is never talked about much among some seeing a convoluted narrative and its dialogue.

For such an important moment in the Star Wars story, the poor quality of the film’s writing makes it difficult to watch. After two consecutive movies with what some consider the worst script of any movie, the third consecutive poorly written movie went too far for some fans to forgive, considering how important this movie was to the entire Skywalker story.

exaggerated action

An image of Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi together in an elevator

while some see this movie as one of the films that ruined a great franchise, it is recognized for having some of the strongest fight scenes. However, Beatlemaniac__ feels the action at the end didn’t quite fit in with what it should have been, and they disagree with how everyone sees it “Obi-Wan and Anakin is the best duel in the entire franchise… aside from meh CGI, it starts off strong.” … [but] completely loses its effect.”

This duel is moments before Anakin becomes Darth Vader, leaving some fans wanting Anakin’s story to end in more than one fight. Also, the fight drags on longer than it should for some because it’s longer than other lightsaber battles, and they know how the movie ends, diluting any suspense over the battle’s outcome.

“Padmé, nooooo!”

Darth Vader is born in Revenge of the Sith

In a significant moment of pain for a character, the delivery of this line completely undermines what the audience should feel for Anakin at that moment because they can’t take it seriously.

by Gmorkenstein The description of this scene makes it clear how they and others in the audience feel watching this, saying, “This is a ridiculous scene. It’s comical, but blasphemous. This should never have been allowed to be made public.” In a moment that should be painful for Anakin when he loses Padme, given the performance and dialogue, the audience doesn’t get to feel what it should.

Cheaper a new hope

Final scene of Beru and Owen looking at the Twin Suns in Revenge of the Sith

Perhaps the biggest crime this movie committed for some was its implications for the original trilogy, especially the beloved A new hope. FM-101 writes that his main question is how “it worsens the plot of A new hope… Why Revenge of the Sith had to lead to this, it seems like they had to put on a lot of things that made it worse.”

The original trilogy is held so close to the hearts of fans that anything that compromises how they see them will be scrutinized. This level of admiration creates a big problem for Revenge of the Sith as he questions Obi-Wan’s time in Tatooine and Luke’s Jedi training that he shouldn’t receive, but does anyway when it’s almost too late for the Rebellion.

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