90s series character reverses Mila Kunis cast lie

Netflix is ​​about to bring back the beloved characters from Point Place for the spin-off series That 90’s showand Jackie Burkhart’s daughter in the new show may even be a reference to Mila Kunis’ age when she first auditioned for That 70’s Show. The new series will be set in the summer of 1995, so Jackie’s daughter could very well be around 14, just like Mila when the original series began. With the gang back now with their children in tow and the series willing to draw these parallels with That 70’s ShowPoint Place will make for a hilarious nostalgic summer.

It was also revealed that the father of Jackie’s daughter in That 90’s show will be Michael Kelso, played by Mila Kunis’ real-life husband Ashton Kutcher. While their daughter’s name, age and actor have not been revealed, it does show a glimpse into what has happened to these two since the end of That show from the 70’s, which might be surprising, considering where they left off. In the end, Jackie ended up with Fez (Wilmer Valderrama), who is also returning for the spin-off, and Kelso moved to Chicago to raise his son. That 90’s show will have some explaining to do with how these two ended up together and had a daughter in 1995, especially as Kunis revealed that pairing Jackie and Kelso doesn’t make as much sense as a Jackie and Fez couple would. The fact that the show strives to pair up Kunis and Kutcher, as well as possibly match their daughter’s age with Kunis’ when she started playing Jackie, shows it’s taking some pages off real life.

Onscreen daughter of Mila Kunis potentially being a teenager in That 90’s showcould be a reference to the fact that Kunis is 14 and lying about her age when she first auditioned for Jackie. This may be intentional based on the fact that Jackie and Kelso having a teenage son doesn’t necessarily make much narrative sense when considering the ending of That 70’s Show. Kunis even said that the actress who will play her daughter is “too old to be my daughter”. With the spin-off being set just 15 and a half years after the end of the original, Jackie and Kelso’s daughter could be 14, the same age Kunis was when she first auditioned. This detail hilariously reverses Kunis’ original selection process for That 70’s Show because she lied about her age to be cast as Jackie.

Why Mila Kunis Lied About Her Age When She Auditioned For That ’70s Show


When That 70’s Show started its casting process in the late 90’s, it was looking for adult actors, so anyone under 18 shouldn’t even be auditioning. So 14-year-old Mila Kunis, however, didn’t let her age stop her from going after the role. When asked about her age, she replied that she would be 18 on her birthday. She claims that this was not technically a lie because she would end up turning 18 on an upcoming birthday in the distant future. Thanks to her quick thinking and skill, she landed the role of Jackie before confessing her real age.

Jackie is a guest star on That 90’s show, which means it’s possible that the timeline isn’t covered much. It doesn’t make a lot of sense that Jackie and Kelso would have a child at this point, but that’s not what the show will be about. Your daughter’s age and likely inconsistencies with That 70’s Show The cannon even has the potential to add an element of fun, mimicking the real-life story of Mila Kunis’ early days on the show.

That 90’s show It still doesn’t have an official release date and will debut on Netflix

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