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São Paulo Brazil

“Tired of living.

“Mainly this way.

“That’s why I decided to quit the job that gave me so much happiness.

“Not even I could stand it myself.”

Depressed, overcome by alcohol, Centurión shocked many with his courageous and candid account in Buenos Aires this week.

But, unfortunately, not in São Paulo.

Club officials remember how problematic the striker’s passage between 2015 and 2017 was.

The player was a “gift” from the millionaire Vinicius Pinotti. He paid R$20 million to Racing. The striker arrived with a reputation as a dribbler, sprinter, scorer. It was a big disappointment.

In addition to not being able to establish himself on the field, his behavior drew a lot of attention.

Egocentric, closed off, irritable and always willing to enjoy Brazilian nights. Dancing and drinking.

It didn’t accept charges, it was problematic.

Traveled a lot to Argentina. He didn’t make a point of adapting, fitting in.

His performance on the field was disappointing.

And, instead of fighting to regain the starting position, he was dispersed in training. He made it clear that he didn’t want to stay at São Paulo, that he regretted coming to Brazilian football.

His great relief was his grandmother, who raised him, and his girlfriend Melissa.

It soon became a big problem. He began to leave the club environment heavy, talking to fewer and fewer people.

The management of São Paulo decided to get rid of him.

And he loaned it to Boca Juniors, who had just lost Carlitos Tévez.

“The number 10 shirt fits very well at Centurión. I’m sure he will still bring many joys to Boca fans, if he stays at the club”, words of Diego Maradona, when the Argentine club brought the player from São Paulo.

Again the disappointment was his company. In addition to not playing well, he was accused of assaulting Melissa Tosi.

“He hit me. I lost three teeth. He was drunk. Alcohol will still end his career,” said ex-girlfriend Melisa.

The case was widely explored by the Argentine press. Centurion escaped from prison.

But his problem with alcoholism was revealed.

Boca did not want to continue with him and São Paulo sold him, at a loss, to Genoa. The debt was paid to Pinotti in installments.

In Italy, it was also a fiasco. He was doing lives during the dawn, watered, according to him, mate, to stay awake. Bizarre situation.

It was loaned to Racing. In Argentina he returned to play well, saying that he had resumed his passion for his career. He was one of the 35 players pre-selected by Jorge Sampaoli for the 2018 World Cup. But he was not at the World Cup in Russia.

Meanwhile, he started dating model Melody Pasini.

But in 2020, the big shock. First, his grandmother died, whom he considered a mother. And days later, Melody died. She had a massive heart attack, driving a car. She passed away at age 25.

“The blows were very fast and, if I didn’t get up after two days, I think I would end my life. But it was not my moment”, confessed the player. He had been talking about suicide for two years.

Your current situation is distressing.

At 29, he belongs to Vélez, who do not want him in the squad.

It was on loan to San Lorenzo. He was returned, with the Argentine press assuring him that the problem was his return to alcoholism.

To make it worse, more dramatic, Centurión revealed to have panic attacks.

“I put up with a lot of things, I needed to get away, I felt drained, I had panic attacks, I needed to get out of everything, that’s why I decided to do it,” he told Argentina’s La Red radio.

The player is not training, receiving. But no prospects.

“I thought that my daughter’s love would make me forget a lot of open wounds. A son’s love is different from another love and other losses. But I can’t stand it. It’s hard to look into the eyes of my daughter, who is growing up.

Desperate, he asks for a month to get rid of alcoholism, depression. And get back to playing.

“Today, nobody (no club) calls me. Of course, one or two journalists. People I met don’t call me. You feel alone.

“If I have an opportunity and I start training, I really let go of everything, the addiction. It’s a before and after. It’s not that I can’t let go of what I did. I can. In a month, I’m fine.”

The alert for the situation in Centurión, Brazil, came from Tales Torraga, an expert in Argentine football.

Although they regret it, São Paulo’s employees and councilors were not surprised.

They knew about the player’s emotional imbalance.

Alcoholism, depression, panic disorder.

Football really needs to take psychology seriously.

Those who lived with Centurión say that the symptoms were clear.

Why didn’t anyone really act?

Because the concern of the managers is in the performance in the field.

They see the player as a product.

Not as a human…

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