Amy Winehouse was left out of ‘James Bond’ after ‘sad’ meeting with producer – Jornal do Oeste

Barbara Broccoli, producer of part of the James Bond films, recalled the meeting she had with Amy Winehouse, a singer who died in 2011, for her to do one of the songs in the feature Quantum of Solace (2008).

“Well that was a very distressing encounter, she was not at her best [estado] and I had my heart in my hand for her. She was very fragile emotionally and, you know, you understand how she could create such touching material, because she had such a deep feeling and it was very, very tragic. What an incredible talent, what an incredible voice, what an incredible person she was. It was really, really sad,” Barbara told Entertainment Weekly.

Remembered for hits like Rehab and Back to Black, Amy Winehouse got used to showing signs of drunkenness and drug use on stage in the final stretch of her career. Two other well-known artists were called to record a song for the feature, Another Way To Dia: Alicia Keys and Jack White (ex-White Stripes). Remember:

The musical theme of the James Bond films came back to the fore thanks to the documentary The Sound of 007, which premieres on Prime Video on October 5 and deals precisely with the soundtrack of the British spy’s productions.

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