Athletico beats Juventude 2-0 and approaches the G4

Athletico-PR dominated and beat Juventude, 2-0, today (01). The teams faced each other for the 29th round of the Brazilian Championship. Vitinho and Fernandinho scored the goals for Hurricane. The match took place at Arena da Baixada, in Curitiba (PR).

With the result, the people of Paraná are in 6th place, with 47 points, but they can move up in position if Corinthians loses to Cuiabá. Meanwhile, Jaconero remains in the bottom, with just 19 points added.


At home, Athletico-PR spared no energy and went after Juventude. The principals scared, mainly, on the right, with Orejuela. The first arrival of the Hurricane was at 15, with Vitor Roque, who sent over Pegorari’s goal. It was the same young prodigy striker who turned under Élton, inside the area, and crossed in the measure for Vitinho to open the scoring.

While Juventude did not find the spaces to develop their game, Hurricane continued to press. At 34, Terans sent a crescent bomb, but Pegorari defended and sent it to a corner. At the end of the first half, the Gauchos flirted with the tie, but due to the details they were unable to score.


Athletico followed with good chances in the second stage and continued to scare Juventude. At 15, Erick, from outside the area, dropped a bomb and took a lot of danger to Pegorari’s goal. The home team’s second goal came in the 23rd minute. In a counterattack, Fernandinho finished from the edge of the area. The ball still deflected on defender Vitor Mendes and died in the back of the net.

The owners of the house almost wrote down the third a short time later. At 27, Vitinho was left with plenty, after a hit in the area, and submitted. Rodrigo Soares sent it to a corner. At 43, Chico tried to decrease for Juventude, but ended up stopping in good defense of Bento. With no other chances, the match ended 2-0.

Athletico-PR 2×0 Youth
Arena da Baixada, in Curitiba (PR)
Date and time: 10/01/2022 – 19h (from Brasilia)
Referee: Maguielson Lima Barbosa (DF)
Assistants: Alessandro Alvaro Rocha de Matos (FIFA-BA) and Leila Naiara Moreira da Cruz (FIFA-DF)
VAR: Thiago Duarte Peixoto (SP)
Yellow cards: Vitor Roque, Canobbio and Pedro Henrique (Athletico-PR); Gabriel Tota, Elton, Pegorari, Vitor Mendes and Felipe Pires (Youth)

GOALS: Vitinho, at 19’/1st (1-0); Fernandinho, at 23’/2nd (2-0)

ATHLETICO-PR (Coach: Luiz Felipe Scolari)

Benedict; Orejuela, Thiago Heleno, Nicolás Hernández and Pedrinho; Fernandinho, Erick and Terans; Canobbio (Cuello, at 33’/2ºT), Vitor Roque (Pablo, at 0’/2ºT) and Vitinho.

YOUTH (Coach: Umberto Louzer)

Pegorari; Rodrigo Soares (Paulo Henrique, at 30’/2ºT), Thalisson Kelven, Vitor Mendes and Capixaba; Elton (Jean, at 36’/2ºT), Jadson (Chico, at 30’/2ºT), Rafinha (Vitor Gabriel, at 23’/2ºT) and Gabriel Tota (Felipe Pires, at 37’/2ºT); Guilherme Parede and Pitta.

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