Cacau Protásio goes to Copacabana Palace to try a coffee with Viola Davis: ‘How can you?’; understand

Whoever saw it laughed. The video posted by actress Cacau Protásio shows her saga to have a coffee with Viola Davis, star of the movie “A Mulher Rei”, which premieres this Thursday (22). She appears in a flowered dress at the entrance of the Copacabana Palace hotel, where the American is staying during her stay in Rio. In the text, she asks: “Let me talk to her, it’s just a coffee. Has as?”. In the text that accompanies the publication, Cacau explains: “It was a joke, I would never do that, everything agreed, today the reception was empty, we only had people making fun.

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Viola, who leaves Brazil this Tuesday (20), had a busy time in the city. She visited Cristo Redentor, Cais do Valongo and the Mangueira samba school. On Sunday night (18), she attended a meeting promoted by the couple Taís Araújo and Lázaro Ramos, at their home, in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro. She was received “in style”, as stated by Zezé Motta, one of the guests

— I’m reading her biography, and Viola’s life story has impacted me a lot. She is a warrior. I was very touched by this meeting — says Zezé Motta.

Names such as singer Iza, actor and singer Seu Jorge, sociologist Djamila Ribeiro, actors Ícaro Silva, Dandara Mariana and Léa Garcia and choreographer and dancer Zebrinha were present at the meeting. On the occasion, a fish moqueca was served, a dish that delighted Viola. Before, Iza gave a little chat, singing her own hits and soul music hits, such as “Killing me softly with his song”, by the group Fugees.

The atmosphere was one of total veneration for the American artist, who made a point of showing herself available to everyone. And also to undo the image of an inaccessible woman. At 57 years old, Viola Davis is the only black actress to have won the highest awards in theater (she received the Tony for “King Hedley II” and “A Limit Between Us”, plays by August Wilson), on TV (she took the Emmy for the series “How to get away with murder”, a success for six seasons) and cinema (she won an Oscar for supporting actress, for Denzel Washington’s adaptation of “A Limit Between Us”, in 2016).

“It was truly a privilege to meet an amazing woman with her. Everyone who was at the dinner knows that — says Zezé Motta. “She was pretty fancy, you know? All in style, because Taís and Lázaro are like that.

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