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Buying an Android tablet or an iPad is a decision that involves directly analyzing your daily life. The device is ideal to be used in presentations, to take notes by hand or even to be a multitasking solution in the work routine. With screen sizes ranging from 7 to almost 15 inches, the device is a lighter option than a notebook and with more attractive features than a conventional cell phone. Prices also depend on the user’s needs, ranging from R$823 for a Galaxy Tab A7 Lite to R$26,949 for an iPad Pro.

Although many smartphone models can deliver almost everything in the palm of our hand and others even resemble the most robust device, as is the case with Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4, for some things it makes more sense to opt for the tablet. So TechTudo separated some reasons to consider when buying a device that can work as a hand on the wheel in daily tasks.

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Galaxy Tab S8 Plus — Photo: Carolina Zanatta/TechTudo

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1. Watch movies with lots of space

Tablets are great companions when watching movies or series, both because of their lightness – compared to notebooks, for example – and the eye comfort that their large screens provide, when contrasted with the screen of a cell phone. The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, a recent Samsung release, has a 14.6-inch screen, considered the largest of the brand and, because of that, it delivers more display space than a Galaxy Z Fold 4 – also launched this year. The South Korean folding cell phone starts at R$11,519, while the latest tablet costs R$12,499.

2. Connect a keyboard and work like a spacious PC

Among the advantages of using a tablet is also the possibility of acquiring some accessories to give more agility to the day to day, among them the keyboard. The models for both Android tablets and iPads usually vary according to the device’s inches and bring a better user experience than when coupled with a smartphone (yes, that’s possible).

In the case of the iPad, for example, Apple has the Magic Keyboard, with a touchpad, starting at R$2,999. Models without the built-in mouse start at R$1,610 on the official website. There are also options from companies like Logitech for more inviting prices.

iPad 2020 is compatible with Apple Pencil — Photo: Playback/Apple

3. Take notes by hand

For students, designers and even handwriting enthusiasts, the tablet can be an attractive option for compatibility with the Stylus pen. The accessory allows you to transform the use of the device giving more precise movements, especially when drawing or writing.

The ease of transport is also a differential of the accessory, especially for those who do not want to buy a traditional mouse. They have an internal battery and are paired with the device via Bluetooth, and in some cases, they can also work with some smartphone models – such as the Samsung S Pen for the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which costs R$549 on Amazon. Apple also sells its own sharpie, the Apple Pencil, for a much higher price: R$1,079.

It’s not just adults who can enjoy the features of a tablet. Parents who allow their children access to the screen find a true entertainment ally. In 2020, Google announced a partnership with manufacturers such as Lenovo, Multilaser, Medion and Nokia to insert a specific area to be used by children, the Google Kids Space. The service offers apps, books and videos for the age indicated by parents, in addition to allowing greater parental control during use.

In the case of Samsung, it is necessary to download an application (native only for the Galaxy Tab S4) called Espaço Infantil. Parents and guardians who prefer the Apple ecosystem can explore the “Content & Privacy” area to block or limit specific apps and features.

5. Excellent company for meetings

Another feature that can be very useful, especially at work, is the use of a tablet or iPad for meetings. Journalists, entrepreneurs, teachers and any other profession that needs to speak to a large audience find the device a first-rate helper – whether it’s a small screen, like the 8.3-inch screen of the iPad Mini, or a giant one, like the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. .

The device can serve as a text holder or as a screen to show rendered projects, spreadsheets and even videos. As they have internet access, they are also light choices to participate in meetings by video call, delivering good audio and video quality depending on the model chosen by the consumer.

Unlike smartphones, which spend an average of two years with their users, tablets tend to last longer in the hands of consumers. Apple devices receive system updates for an average of 7 years. Many people tend to continue with the devices, which take time to become obsolete.

It is important to clarify that lithium-ion batteries, which are currently used in smartphones and tablets, do not have a memory effect, which left the old components “addicted” — Photo: Reproduction/Samsung

7. Browsing the web without draining your cell phone battery

The compatibility of tablets with the internet is also something that helps in everyday life, mainly to save the cell phone battery. After all, you can use your Android tablet or iPad to easily browse websites, watch videos and even play your favorite games. In this way, the smartphone is reserved for moments when interaction with other people is necessary, such as calls, selfies and conversations via the messaging application.

Some of the tablets sold in Brazil even work with 5G internet, such as the new generations of iPad Mini, the 11-inch iPad Pro, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and the Galaxy Tab S8 5G.

8. You can use it as a second screen

Another tip for those who want support during work activities is to use the Android tablet or iPad as a second monitor. In this way, it is possible to explore different formats, especially helping those who work with editing applications. As the screen is larger, the experience is more comfortable than with a cell phone.

iPad users can use the Sidecar tool, which extends or mirrors their Mac desktop onto the smaller device. For this, in addition to compatibility with the system, you just need to have both devices connected to the same Apple ID. On Samsung tablets, the mirroring option can be found in the device’s Quick Settings.

Apple iPad — Photo: Apple/Disclosure

9. Take advantage of the drag and drop function

Users of the Apple ecosystem can still find another advantage in purchasing an iPad, especially if they own a Mac or MacBook. When connected, the devices allow the user to drag and drop the iPad to move and copy items using Universal Control.

The feature supports using a mouse or trackpad to drag and drop between devices. This means that the user will be able to draw with Apple Pencil on iPad and use the mouse or trackpad to drag the drawing into Keynote on Mac.

10. Truly multitasking

Finally, perhaps one of the most desired features by anyone who buys a tablet is the ability to open more than one app side by side. Due to the size of their screens, a good part of recent models allow their users to use the device as multitasking, putting e-mail, note tools and even messengers divided into a single screen.

Currently, these kind of features are only found on foldable phones, such as the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4. Generally the limitations are greater than on tablets.

With information from Apple (1/two/3), Samsung (1/two) and Google

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