Check out how the new feature will work.

In order to increase competition, consumers will be able to choose which electricity they want to contract. However, the right will still be restricted to companies only. This is because they consume the most energy. In this way, the idea is that there can be competitiveness between electric energy entrepreneurs and also provide that consumers can choose the one that has better proposals for their business.

Therefore, we will show you below how the choice of energy company will work. As well as ways to save with electricity at home, since homes are not yet entitled to the benefit.

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Find out how the choice of electrical energy will work

As mentioned before, the possibility of choice will be restricted to companies, as they are consumers of high voltage. According to the Ministry of Mines and Energy, the rule takes effect in January 2024. Also, the aim is to serve 106,000 new consumers.

In addition, the target companies are medium and small. Thus, the program is aimed mainly at commerce and industries. In this way, entrepreneurs will be able to freely choose which manager they want to hire, in addition to closing the deal directly with the energy companies. Currently, the free energy market already accounts for 38% of consumption in the entire Brazilian territory, accounting for more than 30 thousand consumers.

The Ministry of Mines and Energy also reveals that it took the decision after a public consultation in the market. Thus, the conclusion was that the choice of energy by entrepreneurs can be a positive point for the broad competition, in addition to providing autonomy for those who consume it. Thus, you will be able to choose what you like best through the times that you need to consume more energy and you will also be able to compare prices before hiring.

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Ways to save energy at home

Now that you already know that it will be possible to choose the light manager for your business, you must also be wondering how you can save electricity in your home. Therefore, we will help you so that you can save light in all sectors of your life. That way, see which appliances when turned off at night can make the energy bill cheaper.

For starters, if your home’s wiring is old, it might be time to replace it. That’s because frayed wiring tends to pull more power. In addition, unplugging the television from the outlet when not using it can help lower your monthly bill. Other equipment can also greatly influence the final consumption value. So, when you are not at home and at night, try to leave equipment such as microwave, airfrier and oven unplugged. Another essential appliance to leave unplugged when not in use is air conditioning. It can consume up to 6% of the overall average power consumption. Also, make sure how much power the new equipment you buy can pull.

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