Check out some apps that offer rewards in exchange for views

Digital media offer many opportunities to enjoy idle moments on the internet. Just open an application and observe the numerous options of programs that promise credits according to the audience. Despite this, not all are reliable and end up discouraging certain actions, but there are safe systems capable of providing daily resources.

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Discover the best reward platforms


The exponent Chinese short-video social network has been very successful, starting this wave of apps that offer money for views. In the case of TikTok, you need to open an account and start accumulating rubies, the platform’s virtual currency. For every 3 minutes of video, 300 points are released and for every 10,000 points it is possible to obtain R$ 0.40, which can be transferred or used in credit at Claro, Tim or Vivo operators.


Kwai is very similar to TikTok, although it was created with the intention of capturing an audience by offering rewards. The app releases 2 thousand Kwai Golds daily, equivalent to R$ 0.20, making 10 thousand points equivalent to 1 real. The amounts are available for withdrawals, mobile recharges and discount coupons at Bob’s, iFood and McDonalds.


COST.TV streaming pays content producers and the people who accompany them, but it is necessary to interact. Likes, comments and other reactions increase the user’s power on the network, increasing their earnings. As they are COS (Contents) cryptocurrencies, they cannot be redeemed in the conventional way, but allow trading in an investment portfolio from brokers.


In this case, the value is also offered in cryptocurrencies and 100,000 points in the app yield 1TTV. Its price varies daily, but the average on Coinbase is BRL 0.95 each, acquired through transactions on the crypto market. The data requested to convert points into cash is your Ethereum account email and address.

moon Bitcoin

Moon Bitcoin captures audiences by paying bitcoins, as long as you have a Binance wallet. Just check the videos and ads that appear remunerate the platform, directing part to the viewer. As with the last two options mentioned, the result serves as an asset in investment operations.

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