do this and have RG, CPF and CNH on your cell phone

If you’re the type of person who always leaves something behind when you have an appointment, digital documents on your cell phone will make your life easier, since you can’t stop carrying some of them – like the driver’s license – when leaving home. Learn to have them all in the palm of your hand and available at any time to avoid unforeseen events.

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Digital documents are recognized and have the same validity as printed ones. In addition to preventing citizens from forgetting important information at home or in their car, electronic versions reduce the risk of loss and theft. Learn how to access your RG, CPF, CNH and many others on your cell phone.

Digital documents: have them all on your mobile

Practicality is the main reason that leads many Brazilians to adopt the use of digital versions of their most necessary data. The RG, for example, can be accessed through the application provided by each state.

The Work Card is another document that citizens almost never remember to carry in their purse or backpack, mainly for fear of getting involved in situations involving theft only to be left with the damage later. The way out is to download the app from Digital Work Portfolio. It is available for Android and iOS phones.

It is important for indicating various data about the history of each worker. For example: the PIS number, previous contracts and more. The electronic version of the voter registration card is also another great facility. For that, just use the e-Title. It is complete and makes available a lot of relevant information to voters.

If you leave home and forget your driver’s license, download as soon as possible the Digital Transit WalletO. It is valid throughout the country and can be presented in situations involving blitz, as well as some others.

Digital documents ensure more agility and security. So be sure to check out the official apps available. Take advantage of technology as an ally to add more practicality to your daily life.

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