Find out which film Globo is showing this Monday at the Afternoon Session


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This Monday (01), at 15:00, in the Afternoon sessionTV Globo shows the film pixels.



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Original title: pixels

Cast: Peter Dinklage; Kevin James; Michelle Monaghan; Adam Sandler;

Voice actors: Brenner: Alexandre Moreno/ President Will Cooper: Mauro Ramos/ Violet: Priscila Amorim/ Eddie: Hércules Franco/ Ludlow Lamonsoff: Philippe Maia/ Matty Van Patten: Arthur Salerno

Direction: Chris Columbus

Nationality: American

Genre: Movie


Humanity has always looked for life outside of Earth and, in search of some contact, sent varied images and sounds about terrestrial culture on the most diverse satellites ever launched in the universe. One day, one of them was found. Ready to conquer the planet, the alien race decided to create digital monsters inspired by classic video games from the 1980s. To fight them, the only alternative is to call game experts: Sam Brenne, Eddie Plant, Ludlow Lamonsoff and Lieutenant Colonel Violet Van Patten.

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