Gabriel breaks ligaments in his right knee, will undergo surgery and is out of Inter for eight months | International

Gabriel is out for the rest of Inter’s season. The steering wheel, after undergoing tests earlier this Saturday night, found that the ligaments in his right knee had ruptured. He will need to be operated on and is expected to be away from the pitch for eight months.

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Shirt 23’s injury occurred at the end of the match. In the 45th minute of the second half, Gabriel presented the problem after a ball dispute with Lucas Pires. He had to be taken off the field with the stretcher.

The 30-year-old player took off his shin pad right away and started crying. Upon reaching the bench, Gabriel needed to be helped by Taison because he couldn’t put his foot down and sat down disappointed.

Gabriel left the field with the problem in his right knee – Photo: Tomás Hammes

As Inter had already made five substitutions, the match ended with one player less. Still, he maintained the 1-0 victory over Santos in Beira-Rio.

With an ice pack on his right knee, Gabriel went to the locker room supported by the physical preparation assistant, João Goulart, and the physical therapist, Marco Venturini. He had to be taken in a wheelchair to a car that would take him from Beira-Rio to the hospital.

Without Gabriel, Liziero emerges as the favorite to be the first midfielder for the rest of the season. Shirt 5 entered the match, but in Johnny’s place. The American, by the way, is also out of the duel with Flamengo, due to his third yellow card.

"Let's follow the hunt for Palmeiras", says Luka Pumes |  The Voice of the Crowd

“Let’s follow the hunt for Palmeiras”, says Luka Pumes | The Voice of the Crowd

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