Here’s how to make messages hide on Instagram without erasing the content

Concerns about privacy are part of a worldwide trend to prevent the leakage of sensitive data. Increasingly aware, people are looking for ways to reduce exposure while still enjoying the benefits of social media. Therefore, Instagram has made available a tool that allows you to hide messages without deleting them.

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Digital security mechanisms

The Meta group, responsible for the administration of Instagram, has been working to offer users greater autonomy in relation to the settings of privacy. A few years ago, automatic settings linked to data protection were common, but legal rules have changed this scenario. Therefore, developers seek to transparently promote the necessary modifications.

Learn how to hide a conversation on Instagram

1st Step: go to the conversation you need to hide and click on the profile name.

2nd Step: swipe down and tap ”Restrict”.

3rd Step: finalize the action confirming the option ”Restrict Account”.

4th Step: now you will only have access to the conversation by clicking on the ”Contact Request” section or by searching the profile in the search field.

a safe alternative

Unfortunately, no archiving functionality has yet been made available that allows the chat to fully function in another hidden tab.

However, this quick trick prevents third-party access to conversations, preserving shared materials. Downloading attached apps can be dangerous and increase the risk of leaks, given the amount of malware.

Remember that by doing this you will not be able to chat with the user who has been restricted, in addition to having activities blocked. In that case, put the step-by-step into practice when necessary, but don’t forget to undo the change. Just resort to this simple trick to keep your privacy, until Instagram provides an official file function, just like WhatsApp.

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