Indonesia tragedy: game confusion ends with at least 127 deaths | international football

A riot inside a football stadium ended in tragedy this Saturday in Indonesia. It happened during a match between Arema FC and Persebaya Surabaya, for the national first division, and ended with at least 127 deaths.

Two of the dead were police officers and about 180 people were injured, the local police chief inspector said. The riot started after the final whistle of the match, which ended with a 3-2 victory for the visiting Persebaya.

See below strong scenes of widespread beating on the field and in the stands:

Indonesian media reports say that the riot started because fans invaded the pitch to protest against players and club staff. That’s when police swung into action, and tear gas was used.

People trying to escape the gas lost control and ended up trampling others on the spot. There are reports that many felt short of breath, and that parents lost their children due to a situation of “uncontrollable panic”.

The riot, which started inside the stadium, continued outside. Two police cars were destroyed, one of them burned. Fans also set fire to other stadium facilities.

Indonesia stadium confusion ended in tragedy – Photo: Reproduction

Four Brazilians were on the field. Maringá, goalkeeper of the home team, and Higor Vidal, Léo Lelis and Sílvio Júnior, visiting players – the last two scored goals in the game.

With the unfortunate episode, the national league suspended competition matches for a week. According to a statement, there was significant damage around the stadium. The Indonesia Football Association will initiate an investigation.

Owner of the house, Arema FC made an official statement through its president, Abdul Haris:

“Arema FC expresses its deep condolences for the disaster in Kajuruhan (name of the stadium). The management of Arema FC is also responsible for the treatment of victims, both those who died and those injured.

As a follow-up, Arema FC management will also establish a crisis center or victim information post to receive reports and treat victims who are hospitalized and ill.

To the families of the victims, the management of Arema FC apologizes immensely and is ready to compensate. Management is ready to accept post-disaster treatment suggestions so that many are saved.”

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