iPhone with Touch ID was tested, but Apple gave up on coming back with the feature

Apple even tried, but gave up on resurrecting Touch ID on the iPhone 14 line. The information was shared by the well-known and trusted Mark Gurman in his weekly report.

According to the analyst, several sources in Apple’s production chain say that the Cupertino giant even tested the solution with a fingerprint reader under the display in order to respond to public feedback.

However, the company did not find the solution as “practical” as Face ID, and the option to include the sensor in the power button was also on Apple’s radar and the company even produced a prototype.

For Gurman, the idea of ​​the dynamic island ended up burying the attempt to return with Touch ID on the iPhone, since the new notch format and its software functions seemed much more attractive.

Right now, I believe Face ID is here to stay and Touch ID won’t be making a comeback on flagship iPhones. […] at least anytime in the foreseeable future.

With that, an iPhone 15 with Touch ID is completely out of the question, as Apple now wants to bring the dynamic island to the 15 and 15 Plus models.

On the other hand, Touch ID integrated into the power button could be the ideal solution for the next generation iPhone SEas the “low-cost” device would not use Face ID, but could change its design.

As usual, Apple is silent on the matter.

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