New AUXÍLIO BRASIL card: Learn how to unlock and create a PASSWORD

The new card Brazil aid is already being distributed to the beneficiaries. The tool is being sent via Post Office and is being sent safely, in addition to having an information on how to use it.

Brazil Assistance Card

The Auxílio Brasil card is being made available gradually, in accordance with the priority requirements of the Ministry of Citizenship. The device has a chip that guarantees new ways of moving the benefit.

At this first moment, they are receiving the card Brazil aidbeneficiaries who were included in the program as of November 2021. The distribution will benefit approximately 6.6 million families in total.

However, only 3.2 million units will be transferred. At first, families residing in municipalities that do not have Caixa payment channels or that are overloaded are being considered.

New card with debit option

In addition to the total or partial withdrawal of the benefit in the entire payment network of Savings Bank and 24-hour banks, the new card allows the user to make purchases in establishments using the debit function.

Purpose of the new card

The new card brings more freedom to the beneficiary when making purchases, in addition to increasing the security of transactions. In addition, the tool has chip technology, which reduces cloning risks.

How to register card password

A more practical way to register the card is through the application box has. However, there are other options, such as attending a Caixa Econômica bank branch or lottery houses.

Here’s how to do it through the app:

  1. Access the Caixa Tem app and log in;
  2. Select the option “Auxílio Brasil”;
  3. Then, choose the option “Register card password”;
  4. Enter the desired number and confirm.

Brazil Aid of R$ 600 in OCTOBER

At first, Caixa Econômica Federal has already revealed the October Auxílio Brasil payment schedulewith a minimum value of R$600.

See all dates – Auxílio Brasil October Calendar

  • Final NIS 1 – October 18;
  • Final NIS 2 – October 19;
  • Final NIS 3 – October 20;
  • End NIS 4 – October 21;
  • End NIS 5 – October 24;
  • NIS end 6 – 25 October;
  • NIS end 7 – 26 October;
  • NIS end 8 – 27 October;
  • NIS end 9 – 28 October;
  • End NIS 0 – October 31.

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