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Black Nike Brazil shirt is a fan favorite.

From November 20, all attention in football will be turned to the 2022 World Cup, in a period when all four divisions of the Brazilian Championship will already be closed. In Qatar, the Brazilian team is going after the title that hasn’t come since 2002. The search for the hexa is accompanied by a uniform very coveted by Brazilians.

The selection’s shirts have prints that refer to the Painted Jaguar, a typical Brazilian animal and the largest feline in the Americas. A button-down collar is present on the yellow jersey, while the sleeves have yellow and blue details at the ends. The logo of Nike It’s dark blue on this model. The blue shirt has a crew neck and green details at the end of the sleeves. Here, the logo of Nike it’s blooming green.

nike cover

now the Nike will finally make the Brazilian team goalkeeper jersey available, in black and yellow, for purchase in its virtual store. The outfit has been successful among fans of the selection who do not want to buy the yellow blouse. The shirt that circulates on the networks is not an official shirt from the collection of Nike & Brazilian Team. It’s just a mock-up made by some fan.

At the time of the release of jerseys 1 and 2, the brand name was among the most talked about topics in the twitter this Monday (8). Although the design was pleasing, some people were scared by the price charged: R$ 349.99 for the model shirt for fans and R$ 549.99 for the shirt model that the players will wear. The amount is equivalent to almost a third of the minimum wage, set at R$ 1,212.

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