NUBANK will give R$50 in October to customers via card; see how to get

It is not news to anyone that the Nubank has the main objective of offering Brazilians access to banking products and services. Namely, as part of this strategy, fintech has a new credit card with no annual fee, also known as “roxinho”.

In principle, the tool is accepted in several establishments, including outside the country. The card comes with the Mastercard brand. Furthermore, even those who have a poor financial history can get the product.

However, in these cases, the digital bank usually releases a limit of only R$ 50. According to the company, the intention is to avoid losses with default, while offering an opportunity to the user.

However, many customers find the BRL 50 limit too low, which makes them look for solutions to increase the margin and be able to spend more. In this sense, the Nubank released some tips for those who are in this situation.

How to increase the value of Nubank?

See some tips below:

Pay the bill on time

Keeping the credit card bill payment without delay shows that the consumer is a good payer and committed to fintech. This is a good way to build a good relationship with the bank.

use all the limit

Using the entire available credit card limit indicates that you need a raise. Therefore, gather your expenses in the invoice.

clear name

If you are in default, the best alternative is to clear your name to gain more limit at Nubank. In addition to the card, it is possible to request loans, financing and other modalities.

Keep your income up to date

Another very important action is to keep your registration data always up to date, especially income. This is because, if you have a higher income than when you informed the bank, it is possible to receive an immediate increase in the limit.

Hire other products and services

The company provides various financial services such as loans, insurance and investment options. This is a great option for anyone who wants to build a relationship with fintech and increase their credit card limit.

How much does the money in NuConta do Nubank?

Digital banks are gaining more space in the financial market every day. Among the main ones is the Nubankone of the largest fintechs in Latin America.

Faced with so many uncomplicated, practical and unbureaucratic services, the question arises whether the money deposited in the digital account of the Nubank actually yields and, if yields, by what percentage it is calculated.

How much money does the Nubank account earn?

First of all, it is important to understand the rate of the Interbank Deposit Certificate (CDI). In digital banking, the CDI is 100%, which means that the yields offered are approximately 12.65%.

For example: If you leave R$1,000 in your NuConta, in one month, there will be an increase of R$ 10, that is, R$ 1,010. It is worth mentioning that per year, the yield is higher than the savings account.

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