Screenwriter cheers fans by posting photo of finished script

Batman screenwriter Mattson Tomlin recently posted an image on his twittershowing a mysterious finished script.

We already know that Batman with Robert Pattinson has its sequel in pre-production, and that the writing team of Tomlin, Matt Reeves and Peter Craig is confirmed to write the project.

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Knowing the public’s expectations, Tomlin posted a picture of his computer screen showing the end of a recently finished script, but is this really the script for Batman 2?

The continuation project has been confirmed since April, which would certainly be enough time to finish even a first draft of the film’s script. However, Tomlin has other productions in the works, so it might be a little premature to deduce that this is the new Batman movie.

In addition to Pattinson’s Batman, the screenwriter is also involved with the adaptation of two seasons and a live-action in the universe of BRZRKR, created by Keanu Reeves. In addition, he is working on a Terminator series and an adaptation of the Mega Man game.

So let’s calm down, as much as it can be the script for Batman 2, it’s very likely that we fell for Mattson Tomlin’s joke.

See the screenwriter’s post below, in the caption he wrote “Mais um”:

More on Batman starring Robert Pattinson

Batman stars Robert Pattinson, who plays a new version of Bruce Wayne.

The idea is to introduce the Dark Knight into his second year of activity in Gotham, which means he’s still at the beginning of his life as a vigilante, although it’s not exactly an origin story.

The main villain is the Riddler, played by Paul Dano. Penguin and Catwoman also appear, being played by Colin Farrell and Zoë Kravitz, respectively.

Matt Reeves is directing, who also has a role in the script.

Batman, with Robert Pattinson, is now showing in theaters.

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