TSE wears Christ the Redeemer with a T-shirt for peace in the 2022 Elections — Superior Electoral Court

This Saturday (1st), the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) will dress Christ the Redeemer, a monument located in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), with a shirt that contains the hashtag #PazNasEleições and the logo of the 90 years of Electoral Justice.

The projection, which will be shown from 7 pm to 11 pm, is part of the Campaign for Peace in the Elections, promoted by the Court in partnership with the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) and teams from the A series of the Brazilian Championship.

The campaign

The Campaign for Peace in Elections began on September 15, the date on which the International Day of Democracy is celebrated, in a match valid for the semifinals of the Copa do Brasil between Corinthians and Fluminense, in São Paulo (SP). A giant inflatable urn was placed in the center of the pitch before the match, with the aim of showing support for the electronic voting system and encouraging peaceful, clean elections that faithfully reflect the will of the people.

The videos and spots of the campaign on TV and radio stations across the country, which were also produced in partnership with CBF, began to be shown on September 22 and will be broadcast until this Sunday (2).

And this Friday (30), at 9:30 am, a “tweet” was promoted by #PazNasEleições. The target audience were people involved with football and the team’s fans.

Watch the campaign video on the TSE YouTube channel.


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