Voters post ballot box photos abroad | Elections 2022

The 2022 Brazilian election has already ended in some countries in Asia and Oceania and photos of ballot boxes from these locations have begun to be posted on the internet.

From these photos, the g1 accessed these ballots by scanning the QR Code of each of them through the TSE Boletim na Mão app, which confirms that the document is authentic, and informs the official number of votes registered in each ballot box.

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The documents show the individual vote on each candidate and the votes they received in that particular section (not nationwide)in addition to votes for each political party, null votes and blank votes.

The official result of the investigation abroad, however, as in Brazil, will be released by the Superior Electoral Court after 17:00 (Brasília time), when voting ends.

See below for 6 of the results of these newsletters.

According to the TSE, Australia has 5 cities where Brazilian voters can vote in these elections: Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane.

In section 1150 in Canberra, the results were as follows:

  • Squid: 341 votes.
  • Bolsonaro: 76 votes.
  • Ciro Gomes: 26 votes.
  • Simone Tebet: 23 votes.
  • Felipe D’Avila: 10 votes.
  • Soraya Thronicke: 2 votes.
  • Will see: 2 votes.
  • Sofia Manzano: 1 vote.
  • Eymael Constituent: 1

5 of the 491 Brazilians in this section voted white, while another 4 annulled. 301 missed.

Canberra Section 1150 Election Bulletin — Photo: Reproduction

In section 741, also in Cambera, the ballot box pointed out:

  • Squid: 158 votes.
  • Bolsonaro: 74 votes.
  • Ciro Gomes: 14 votes.
  • Simone Tebet: 11 votes.
  • Felipe D’Avila: 4 votes.
  • Soraya Thronicke: 1 vote.
  • Father Kelmon: 2 votes.

8 of the 276 Brazilians in this section voted white, while another 4 annulled. 260 missed.

According to the TSE, the country has two polling places: Wellington and Auckland. However, this year, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the presidential election was held only at the headquarters of the Brazilian Embassy in Wellington.

In Wellington’s section 1690, the bulletin indicated the following result:

  • Bolsonaro: 22 votes.
  • Squid: 117 votes.
  • Ciro Gomes: 5 votes.
  • Simone Tebet: 4 votes.
  • Felipe D’Avila: 8 votes.
  • Father Kelmon: 1 vote.

In section 1693 of the same city, the bulletin pointed out:

  • Bolsonaro: 13 votes.
  • Squid: 36 votes.
  • Ciro Gomes: 1 vote.

New Zealand two-section ballot box ballots. — Photo: TSE

According to the TSE, Japan has 10 cities where Brazilian voters can vote.

In the bulletin for polling station 1766 in Tokyo, according to data from the “Boletim na Mão” app, the numbers were as follows:

  • Bolsonaro: 187 votes.
  • Squid: 79 votes.
  • Ciro Gomes: 25 votes.
  • Simone Tebet: 21 votes.
  • Felipe D’Avila: 4 votes.
  • Soraya Thronicke: 3 votes.
  • Will see: 2 votes.
  • Sofia Manzano: 2 votes.
  • Father Kelmon: 1 votes.

One of the ballot box in Japan. — Photo: Reproduction / TSE

14 of the 346 Brazilians in this section voted white, while another 8 annulled. 382 were missing.

In Nagoya, one of the largest cities in the country, the results of section 265 were:

  • Bolsonaro: 315 votes.
  • Squid: 30 votes.
  • Ciro Gomes: 21 votes.
  • Simone Tebet: 16 votes.
  • Felipe D’Avila: 6 votes.
  • Soraya Thronicke: 5 votes.
  • Eymael Constituent: 2 votes.

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