Why Cyborg’s Best Future DCEU Is In Wonder Woman 3 (Not The Flash)

The best future for Cyborg (Ray Fischer) may not be in the next movie, The Flashbut in wonder woman 3. Debuting in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Victor Stone was a Gotham Knights football player who survived a terrible accident that killed his mother. Without further ado, his father, Silas Stone (Joe Morton), revived his son as Cyborg using an extraterrestrial energy source known as the Mother Box. Alienated and disillusioned with the world, feeling he’s no longer human, Cyborg is the loneliest character in the DCEU who thinks no one can understand him, but he’s wrong.

Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), aka Diana Prince, can feel the same pain in her chest and this is especially clear in the sequel to Wonder Woman 1984. The sequence of Wonder Woman proved not to be as successful as its predecessor, but it managed to expand Diana’s character and help show just how lonely she is. Once the princess of the Amazons, an ancient race of warriors, she left her island of Themyscira to go on a quest to understand and save humanity. About Wonder Woman and its sequel, Diana continues to lose hope in humanity as everything is ripped from her piece by piece, and in The Justice Leagueshe even loses Themyscira after an enemy invasion, but reduces her to rubble.

Both Cyborg and Wonder Woman have given up on humanity, both have lost everything, and both blame themselves for the vast majority of the loss around them. More than any other two characters in the DCEU, including The Flash (Ezra Miller), they understand what it’s like to be an outsider, someone who doesn’t belong. Barry Allen, or The Flash, certainly understands grief, having mourned his mother’s murder while his father was wrongfully convicted of the crime, but he doesn’t have the same obligation or detachment to humanity as Cyborg and Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman Can Help Cyborg Overcome Her Trauma

Every character has to learn to love humanity again. Cyborg being the heart of Justice League by Zack Snyder, begins to learn this lesson in the final moments of the film. He spends all of his time trying to avoid the responsibilities he believes have been unfairly imposed on him, and in doing so, pushes away any honest connection he may have. He considers himself a monster, something inhuman, and Wonder Woman can relate to him like no other. Even Superman, who is arguably the most alien in the current Justice League, considers himself a human before a Kryptonian, an ancient alien race of warriors, as seen in Steel man.

Wonder Woman goes through loss after loss, surviving everyone around her, never being able to be honest with anyone. The only person she could trust, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), dies at the end of Wonder Woman, leaving her alone. With her experience through her own trauma, Wonder Woman may be the only person who can fully understand Cyborg. With the future of the DCEU being uncertain, wonder woman 3 has a unique opportunity to work through some of the things that made the franchise unique and relatable, as well as expand on the intricacies of the characters that helped give the DCEU the following it has today. Instead of bringing in new characters, or focusing too much on future films, wonder woman 3even more than The Flashgets a chance to focus the film on two of DC’s most beloved bloody hearts and heal the traumas they each survived.

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