Woman is betrayed and regrets having had little sex with husband

A woman found out her husband was having an affair and blames herself because she only agreed to have sex with him once every two years.

Married for 28 years, the woman discovered that her husband and father of her three children was having an extramarital relationship after seeing a comment on her Instagram post. In an interview with the Daily Mail, from England, the British Sara Collins explained how she discovered the betrayal.

For her, the main reason her husband ‘jumped the fence’ was because of the frequency of sexual intercourse in their relationship – once every two years.

In the interview, Sara explained that in July 2019, Graham, her ex-husband, posted a photo of an empty plate after finishing a vegan breakfast at a local cafe. He wrote in the caption just ‘yummy’. The comment of a woman who wrote ‘yes, it was delicious’, put a ‘flea behind Sara’s ear’.

Collins couldn’t help but be curious and decided to look for the woman on social media. She found endless pictures of her and her husband together, clearly in love.

Sara stated that she immediately confronted her husband and he admitted to having been seeing the other woman for four months. The mother of three said she was humiliated and heartbroken by her admission, but claimed she was largely to blame.

“I lost count of the times I rejected his sexual advances, closed my bedroom door on him and ended any conversation about our love life,” she told the Daily Mail in a letter.

She revealed that the frequency of sexual intercourse at the beginning of the marriage was “normal”, but after her third child, who required an emergency C-section, sex quickly failed due to an “ugly scar” and the struggle to lose her baby. baby weight.

Sara Collins even offered a call girl to her husband after postpartum depression.

“He kept trying to be affectionate and initiate sex, but I brutally pushed him away. I can’t imagine what that rejection must have been like, but I really couldn’t bear the thought of sleeping with him,” Sara said.

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