9 MCU characters that don’t exist in the comics

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O Marvel Cinematic Universe took winding paths, and part of that is due to the popularity of some of the original characters from the MCU. Iconic figures like madisynnwhich does not even exist in the comics, are so striking that they become unforgettable for fans.

Therefore, we separate here 9 characters — and an honorable mention for fans of the Marvel shorts — of MCU that don’t exist in the comics! What’s your favorite? Leave your answer in the comments!

Erik Selvig

the comics of Marvel are full of geniuses. Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Shuri. However, the Marvel Cinematic Universe gained an addition responsible for several academic advances: Erik Selvig.

Introduced in the first film of the Thorfrom 2011, Selvig is played by Stellan Skarsgard. The astrophysicist has become a crucial part of the plans for Loki in Avengers (2012), in addition to having appeared in Thor: Dark World, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Thor: Love and Thunder. Not to mention that his work was mentioned in productions such as Ms. Marvel and SHIELD agents

Sylvie Laufeydottir

We know that the Loki concept and variants is not something new, but sylvie is the first version of Loki to earn a name history and importance different from the god of trickery. Featured in the series LokiSylvie has become one of the most interesting additions to the new phase of MCU.

Interpreted by Sophia Di Martinothe character was not only a fun appearance, but was also extremely important for the introduction of one of the main villains of Marvel: Kang the Conqueror.

Michelle Jones-Watson

Our MJ movie theaters is the complete opposite of comics and therefore deserves a spot on this list. Zendaya is the actress who lives Michelle Jones-Watsonthe romantic interest of Peter parker at the MCU. She is one of the highlights of the trilogy of Tom Holland.

Unlike MJ in the comics, Michelle is far from a model who relies only on her charisma. The character gained layers over the films and became one of the darlings of the spider team.

Hope van Dyne

This item may come as a surprise to fans less attentive to the comics. Hope van DyneInterpreted by Evangeline Lilly, was not taken directly from the comics as some might think. This is because it was revealed that Hank Pym had a daughter just a few years ago.

Also, your daughter is Nadia van Dynea Unstoppable Wasp (Wasp unstoppable in literal translation). Even with an identical look to Hope, Nadia has a completely different story from her counterpart in theaters.

Rather than a daughter who grew up on her father’s wing, Nadia is the daughter of Hank’s first marriage to Maria Trovayawho was kidnapped during their honeymoon.

Xu Xialing

the sister of Shang-Chi is another character that has a comic book version, but is so far removed from the MCU that it deserves to be on this list. Interpreted by Meng’er Zhang, Xu Xialing stood out for being the complete opposite of her brother: a woman who knows her family’s duties and is willing to carry all the power attached to her name.

Even appearing only in the movie Kung Fu Masterthe character promises to give her brother a lot of headache in the future.

Ava Starr

The villain Ghost has one of the most interesting visuals and story in the comics, however, under his mask, unlike the movies, we have a man. His identity is unknown, but in Ant-Man and the Waspwho took his mantle was Ava Starr.

The character became the Phantom’s daughter “original”, Elihas Starr, who decided to go after Hank Pym and his family. Interpreted by Hannah John-KamenAva will return in 2024 with thunderbolts.


Luis may not be of great importance to the MCU, but it’s impossible not to give in to the charisma of Michael Pena. Initially just a friend who seeks Scott Lang in prison in Ant ManLuis became a frequent appearance in the story of the hero of Paul Rudd.

In an interview for Business InsiderPena said that “I just wanted to be in a Marvel movie”. Grateful for the opportunity, the actor also revealed that he never thought he would gain such prominence.

Darcy Lewis

If it’s impossible not to be in Luis’ favor, it’s even harder not to sympathize with him. Darcy LewisInterpreted by Kat Dennings. The character — as well as the Jane Foster in Natalie Portmanthe Thor of Chris Hemsworth and Stellan Skarsgård’s Erik Selvig — was a find in the fiasco that the first Thor movie became.

Its importance in cinemas was such that fans of the character began to speculate what Darcy did during the following years after the snap of Thanos. And the answer was a doctorate and the guarantee of participation in Wandavision.


How not to talk about Agent Phil Coulson? Some might say that the Marvel Cinematic Universe began with Iron Man finding Nick Furybut we all know that the Phil’s death is the real trigger for the marvel studios spread your wings.

The character played by Clark Gregg not only did it get its own series, it also, for a long time, became what united the world of Marvel in cinemas with the TV series. It is curious to remember that the character did not exist before Avengers.

Honorable Mention: Darryl Jacobson

Darryl is far from a crucial addition to the MCU, but he was Thor’s roommate as it also became New Asgard tour guide. No other luxury extras can say the same.

The character’s first appearance took place in 2016 in a short called Thor team. In it, we saw what was happening with the asgardian as the Avengers faced each other in Captain America: Civil War.

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