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América-MG beat Ceará 2-1 and returned to BH with three important points in their bag. Important victory to not have a negative sequence and place itself, more than ever, in the fight for Libertadores. Victory built with intelligence and collective strength.

Best Moments: Ceará 1 x 2 América-MG for the 29th round of the Brasileirão 2022

Best Moments: Ceará 1 x 2 América-MG for the 29th round of the Brasileirão 2022

It was a tough game. América-MG was worn out, it went straight from Cuiabá to the capital of Ceará. He put on the field a very modified team, in front of a Ceará very pressed for victory. A factor that the Rabbit knew how to use to his advantage.

The beginning of the game was complicated. Although Matheus Cavichioli did not have much work, América-MG could not structure their pressure marking to make it difficult for Ceará to leave the ball, which played more in the offensive field, hovering around the American area.

From the 15th minute onwards, América dominated the midfield, especially in the figures of Juninho and Lucas Kal, and gained ground. He scared twice from the top, with Danilo Avelar, and, also with a header, opened the scoring with Juninho, in the 24th minute. A goal that changed the context of the match once and for all.

Juninho Ceará vs América-MG — Photo: Kely Pereira/AGIF

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Premiere Brasileirão banner — Photo: Reproduction

Although Castelão was not a melting pot, the pressure on Ceará, natural for the situation in the table, doubled in size. América-MG ahead on the scoreboard was enough for protests against the team and board. It was the perfect setting for whoever was winning.

And Coelho, with the experience of the cast and Vagner Mancini, controlled the situation very well. Cavichioli was a spectator throughout the remainder of the first stage. He didn’t work on the descents with the ball to go to the locker room with a consistent advantage.

The start of the second half showed that Coelho would be dominant. Before the tenth minute, Aloísio stamped the crossbar, and Everaldo missed a clear chance to practically kill the game. The scare came with the penalty committed and saved by Cavichioli. And relief came with Felipe Azevedo’s goal. The second half of the second half consisted of managing the result, taking advantage of an environment of boos and cursing.

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An important result, which shows the collective strength of América-MG, a team that feels little impact in most changes. The level of the pieces individually is not high. But the set goes up the bar. At Castelão, for example, the entire line of defense was not the starting lineup. Everyone got the job done, and Patric and Ricardo Silva were even protagonists.

Aloísio, who hadn’t been a starter for more than three months, was extremely important, especially without the ball, marking Nino Paraíba’s rise, in the one-two with Erick. He played in the starting lineup so that Felipe Azevedo could rest. He came in and scored the winning goal.

América-MG, like last year, reaches the final stretch of the Brasileirão looking only at the top of the table. Relegation zone is no longer talk for Coelho. The difference is that, in 2022, the collective is more consistent, and the players are more husky. Coelho will fight, yes, for Libertadores, even in an unlikely G-6 scenario.

Become a member Onda Verde – América-MG — Photo: Disclosure

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