Arrival of 5G in Brazil and the main news for those who will use this technology

THE arrival of 5G in Brazil occurred recently and currently, it is already installed in most capitals, where it promises a faster mobile internet for most people. However, it also has consequences such as interference with the TV signal and not everyone can enjoy this benefit.

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By the end of the year, at least, 5G will be present in all Brazilian capitals. This new technology seeks to show the difference in internet speed in their daily tasks and in activities that use the internet more, such as attending distance learning classes and playing games on computers.

main news

Among the main novelties that emerged with the arrival of 5G are:

real-time streaming

5G promises a very high quality on the internet and guarantees to avoid problems that are generated when latency is high, thus bringing benefits such as better live broadcasts and no delay in video calls due to the internet.

High speed

5G also promises to be a hundred times faster than the 4G signal that has been used so far. Therefore, people can enjoy faster downloads and watch movies on digital platforms much faster.

Interference with satellite dishes

Those who use the satellite dish system will have to replace it within 18 months, starting in September of this year, so as not to lose the TV signal in their homes. Therefore, these people can purchase digital antennas, digital satellite dishes, pay TV, etc.


Another big difference is the lower latency, which will directly impact gamers. This is the quantification of the response time on a given connection. Which was a problem most people complained about with 4G.

More devices can connect simultaneously

5G allows more devices to be able to connect to the network simultaneously. With it, it will be possible to connect more than 1 million devices per square kilometer.

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