Brazilians publish ballot papers abroad

TSE will officially release results at 5:00 pm this Sunday (Oct 2, 2022), Brasília time

Brazilian voters abroad are releasing images of supposed ballot papers from their respective cities. The official disclosure of the results by the TSE (Superior Electoral Court) will only take place from 17:00 GMT, when voting is closed across the country.

The results, however, can now be checked by voters in each polling station through the ballot box. The dissemination of documents on social networks is not prohibited by electoral legislation.

“Some media are publicizing the totals from abroad because the ballot papers are posted in polling stations. In some smaller municipalities, the mayor, the councilor already know that they were elected because they place their inspectors in the polling stations to count the BUs. In the case of polling stations abroad, this is easier”said the president of the TSE, Alexandre de Moraes, this Sunday (2.Oct.2022).

It is worth mentioning that the ballot boxes bring the results of a single section. Therefore, in most countries, it is not possible to know who received the most votes.

As of 12:00 this Sunday (Oct 2, 2022), voting in 59 countries had already closed. Brazilian voters abroad are able to vote only for candidates for President of the Republic.

According to the TSE, more than 697,000 voters are eligible to vote abroad. Lisbon, Miami, Boston, Nagoia and London are the places that concentrate the largest number of Brazilians able to vote abroad. In the Portuguese capital, there are 45,273 Brazilians eligible to vote. In Miami and Boston, there are, respectively, 40,189 and 37,159 voters who vote outside Brazil.

Ballot boxes are transmitted, received, queued and processed in the TSE Data Center, where they remain until 5 pm.

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