Cascavel beats San Lorenzo and is in the final of the Libertadores da América – LNF

Brazil is in the final of the Copa Libertadores de Futsal. It was suffered, but Cascavel is one step away from conquering America. In a very tough game with San Lorenzo, from Argentina, Serpente got the better of it, withstood the pressure well even from the stands and got a heroic victory to keep the title dream alive.

The competition was fierce, as expected. In the first half, Cassiano Klein’s team managed to open two goals with Gustavinho and Jhow, taking a free-kick. In the final seconds of the initial stage Stazzone scored for the Argentines.

After the break, the team led by Luciano Antonelli put pressure on Cascavel from start to finish and Di Fanti turned into a real wall in Cobra’s goal and helped the Brazilian team to hold on to the triumph.

The game – 1st Half

The match started balanced and with possession of the ball well divided. Even so, San Lorenzo looked more comfortable on the court and was the first to submit. Felipe Echavarría forced Di Fanti to work immediately with two minutes of ball rolling and then returned to scare with a kick that dangerously went wide.

Feeling a little more the weight of the decisive match, Tricolor missed many passes in the first five minutes of the game. Supported by the Argentine fans, San Lorenzo made it difficult for the Cascavelense team to leave the ball with a slightly higher score. And it was precisely when the Hermanos were better on the court that Cascavel found the way to the goal.

In a rehearsed free kick, Jhonny made the pass to Dieguinho, who didn’t catch the ball well, the kick would even go out, but the goalkeeper Facundo Gelpi, in an attempt to make the defense, handed it to Gustavinho, who opened the scoring.

The goal gave Serpente morale and San Lorenzo felt the blow. The dynamics of the game changed and with just over 14 minutes remaining, captain Ernani almost scored the second. This time, goalkeeper Facundo prevented the ball from entering a great defense. Then Claudinho finished over the goal. The answer came in a free kick in which Juan Rodríguez kicked wide. Second later Echavarría had another chance after a vacillation of the Cascavel defense.

The dispute continued at an intense pace, with chances on both sides. Claudinho scored with Jorginho and almost didn’t increase the advantage. Back there, Di Fanti saved Cobra’s hide by defending a point-blank shot from Caamaño. Then the Cascavelense goalkeeper appeared again after taking a hit from Tomás Pescio. All this happened in just nine minutes of departure.

Behind the equalizing goal, San Lorenzo began to have greater volume of play than Cascavel and tried in every way to get through the best defense of the competition. Meanwhile, Di Fanti was standing out with good interventions in the match. Tricolor stopped creating and with seven minutes left for the break Cassiano Klein stopped the game to organize the team.

The game cooled down and the Serpent almost surprised the Argentines again. Ernandes stole a ball in the middle of the court, advanced and made the pass to Ernani. The number 8 straightened his body and sent it to Facundo’s left beam. With the countdown clock marking four minutes and seven seconds to go, Echavarría fouled Gessé hard and was yellow carded, the first of the game. In the free kick Jhow sent straight and scored the second of Cascavel Futsal.

When it looked like the first half would end with two goals ahead for the Cascavelense team, captain Damián Stazzone hit a shot at Di Fanti’s angle and scored a great goal for San Lorenzo with 51 seconds left. The score of 2 to 1 set fire to the game and even in the first half the Argentines could have tied the game. On the way down to the changing rooms, there was a beginning of confusion among the players. Fernando, Cascavel’s reserve goalkeeper, received a yellow card for a complaint.

2nd period

Returning to the second half, both teams maintained the same posture on the court. In the first three minutes the teams scored strongly and the goalkeepers practically did not work. The tension provoked a certain irritation in the pivot Jorginho, who outside the play left his arm over Stazzone’s face and received a yellow card.

Soon after, Claudinho got space for the first submission of the second stage, but sent the kick through the bottom line. Immediately San Lorenzo responded. Dylan Vargas fought for the ball in the middle of the court, was successful, recovered, faced Cascavel’s goal and the bomb exploded on Di Fanti’s left post. Block also questioned Cobra with the head touch that also touched the beam of the representative of Brazil.

Up front, Cascavel had the counterattack with Jorginho, but the pivot’s submission stopped in the defense of goalkeeper Facundo. Seconds later it was Gabriel Gurgel’s turn to go out at speed and be stopped with a foul in the middle of the court by Dylan Vargas, who was punished with a yellow card. As time went by, the nervousness increased and even the coach Cassiano Klein also got yellow on the bench, due to a complaint.

Pescio had the chance to equalize in front of Cascavel’s goal, but stopped in Di Fanti once again who saved the Argentine’s strong kick with his right leg. Araya also missed an incredible goal. He received it alone on the wing and first shot it over the bar in the middle of the second half. The pressure increased and Matías Block had everything to leave his and inside the area he got a lot under the ball.

Cornered, Cascavel couldn’t keep the ball and had a hard time creating offensive plays. Nine minutes from the end, the situation got even worse when captain Ernani lost the ball on the defensive court and had to make the fifth foul for Tricolor and was even warned with a yellow card.

Looking for a tie anyway, the Argentine team forced Di Fanti to work twice more on Block and Rodríguez’s attempts. Stazzone, always with dangerous shots, gave the fans another scare, but the Cascavel goalkeeper held the bar again. The San Lorenzo goalkeeper was yellow carded for a cart in Gessé on the right wing. Jhow hit the free-kick hard and Gustavinho almost managed to deflect it into the goal.

With five minutes to go before the final whistle, Matías Block received a long throw, dominated with his thigh and with his knee covered Di Fanti, but luck was on the Brazilian team’s side and the ball capriciously touched the post. Less than a minute after that chance, San Lorenzo also committed their fifth foul.

With both teams missing, the game became more tied up, cautious. With 2:35 to go until the final whistle, Gessé almost increased for Cascavel. His low shot passed the goalkeeper, but Araya took it practically over the line. From that moment on, coach Luciano Antonelli started playing with Stazzone as a line goalkeeper. In a mistake by the Argentines, Dieguinho almost declared victory by speaking 50 seconds. And soon after, San Lorenzo still hit Cascavel’s beam. Final Score: San Lorenzo 1 x 2 Cascavel.

Cascavel will face Peñarol in the championship final.

Cascavel in the Libertadores final in its first participation. Photo: Conmebol

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