Cooler Master launches gaming chair that turns sound waves into vibrations

Sync X promises a new degree of immersion in the content that the player follows on his screen

Cooler Master announced this Monday (3) the launch of its new Sync X gaming chair, which promises to offer a new degree of immersion while playing games and other audiovisual content. The product’s main feature is the presence of a subwoofer on its back that promises “turn sound waves into vibrations” for the user.

The objective, according to the manufacturer, is to provide “real-time tactile experiences” that ensure greater engagement with what the player sees on their screen. The chair has a control panel on its side with power supply output, headphone jack and various types of controllers.

In addition to being able to turn vibration features on and off, Sync X owners will be able to change the intensity level of the feature and have several volume adjustments and audio input and output options. The chair runs on an internal rechargeable battery, dispensing with a constant connection to an outlet to work as promised.

Cooler Master Sync X promises a new degree of immersion

As the manufacturer explains, the chair is compatible with multiple platforms and connection types. While the default connectivity option is Bluetoothyou can also use traditional P2 wired devices to take advantage of haptic vibration capabilities — which can be enjoyed for up to 4 hours on a single charge of the internal battery.

Sync X also promises to offer a lot of comfort to users, bringing Sizeable cushions and breathable fabric finish. For moments of relaxation, it comes with a back rest that can be Adjustable at angles up to 135° and an extendable footrest on its underside.

Designed to feel the tension in a war game, engage in a movie adventure journey, or just sway to music, Sync X aims to provide users with a new and definitive entertainment experience.”, says Cooler Master. Until the moment, the new product does not have a set release date, nor does it have an official price.

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