Did you like Blonde? Get to know more about Marilyn Monroe through 5 other films

After the release of the biopic blondeon Netflix, the story of one of the biggest stars of pop culture, Marilyn Monroe, regained the public eye.

Norma Jeane Mortensen was born in 1926 and died in 1962, with the stage name Marilyn Monroe, she was a singer, model and actress and her life was surrounded by trauma, success and controversy.

In all, there were 29 films in which Monroe acted in her career.

blonde it was directed by Andrew Dominik and received a lot of criticism for not having an in-depth story of Monroe. The biopic is a mix of fiction with remarkable moments in the star’s life.

Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe in Blonde (Reproduction)
Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe in Blonde (Reproduction)

Based on the Vanity Fair publication, check out 5 old Marilyn Monroe movies to learn more about the star.

Don’t Worry About Crashing

Launched in 1952, Don’t Worry About Crashing also had flashbacks in blonde and was a highlight in the actress’ career. She played the role of a nanny who faced various mental problems.


falls was released in 1953 and Monroe played the femme fatale Rose Loomisl, a woman trying to get rid of her husband, George (Joseph Cotten).

The actress enchanted audiences with a seductive and somewhat menacing performance, with her character plotting to kill her husband. scenes from falls are also displayed in blonde and the film was a great success.

Men Prefer Blondes

Another highlight of Marilyn’s career was Men Prefer Blondesreleased in 1953. The Howard Hawks comedy starred Monroe and Jane Russell and portrayed the power that women can wield under female artifice.

One of the highlights of her performance was carrying the message: “I can be smart when it matters, but most men don’t like that.” In blondethe musical performance is redone by Ana de Armas.

How to Marry a Millionaire

Also released in 1953, the film co-stars Lauren Bacall and Betty Grable. Monroe plays Pola, in which she mixes sympathy with a certain stupidity.

The film shows the life of three models who get tired of dating poor men and decide to look for strategies to marry millionaires and thus change their lives.

The seven year itch

Launched in 1955, The Seven Year Itch is one of Marilyn Monroe’s biggest successes with the subway grid scene, in which the artist is wearing a white dress.

Back then, a scene like that was the height of daring and sensuality and it became something that marked the actress. At the time, she was married to former athlete Richard Sherman.

In blondewhen Monroe arrives home, already afraid of what could happen, Sherman gives her a beating, and they later divorce.

“She was never vulgar in a role that could become vulgar, and somehow you felt good when you saw her on screen,” said co-writer/director Billy Wilder.

“To sum it up, she had a quality that no one else had on screen except [Greta] Garbo. Nobody,” he declared at the time.

Ana de Armas in the recordings of Blonde (Disclosure/Netflix)

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